Travelling to Thailand during the Pandemic

All over the world, people are adjusting to disruptions caused by the pandemic. One group that has been critically affected is the international business travellers. It has become very complicated to travel to some countries to do business. This could be a serious problem for your company if you have a business or an important supplier overseas. Some things just can’t be done if there is no way to inspect manufacturing, a new product, or meet face to face. Another affected group is the people who are residents of a different country than the one their spouse or family members live in. Thailand like every country is slowing working out a new routine. They are finding ways to get people back to business and reunited with their loved ones. If you come to Thailand, something every traveller must do is book a two week stay at an official quarantine hotel.

The hoteliers and the government of Thailand have made several hotels available to meet nearly every budget. So, if you are trying to get back to Thailand, have no fear. You will not be holed up in some gymnasium or an army barracks. If you are looking for a  Quarantine Hotel in Bangkok you can choose from a long list of choices. But first you will need to see if you qualify for entry.

Thai Embassy

The place to start your planning is the Thai Embassy website for your country. There you will find listed the categories of visitors that are currently allowed to return to Thailand. So far, the list includes, medical tourists, people who are married to, or are a parent of a Thai citizen. And people with visas based on a work permit. There are more categories being added to the list so make sure to get the most recent information as you go through the process.

Entry Requirements

When you access the Thai Embassy website, you will find the most current list of requirements to apply for a Certificate of Entry. Following is a list and an explanation of some of the requirements. What you will need is:

  • A copy of your visa showing you belong to one of the accepted groups.
  • Proof of insurance coverage in the amount of 100,000 USD, specifically mentioning COVID-19 coverage.
  • People travelling to join a relative will need to show certain documents. A marriage certificate or if visiting a child, a birth certificate. Also, Thai ID cards
  • Proof of booking for two weeks accommodation at an approved ASQ (Quarantine Hotel)
  • An airline ticket to Thailand on an airline that the embassy will specify to you. You must speak to them about this part because the information changes frequently
  • A letter of intent, explaining why you are coming to Thailand and the dates you wish to travel.

This list is not sequential. Some of these things you are going to have to do, to get to the next step. Even if you do not have a firm date. The quarantine hotels usually allow the change of dates for a small fee, and there is a very good chance the embassy will change your flight to a repatriation flight that is not listed. Most insurance policies also allow you to change the start date or to cancel for a small fee.

Covid-19 test

One more thing you will need is a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of your departure. This can be the most difficult, depending how the test is done in your country. If there is a long wait for results, you are going to have to get a doctor to get you on a fast track. You will also need a Fit to Fly certificate. You can get information for that from the Thai embassy as well. Essentially the fit to fly states that a doctor confirms you have taken the Covid-19 test, and you are OK to travel.

It would be a good idea to contact someone from your country that has already gone through this procedure. They will have specific knowledge for your situation.

Once you’re approved there will be an extended boarding procedure at the airport. Give yourself 4 hours. Maybebring a pillow and when you arrive in Thailand you will be greeted by an army of health care workers that will make sure you are registered and sent off to your Quarantine Hotel.

Once you arrive at your facility you will need to stay in your room except for exercise time, which you will be granted after you test negative on an additional COVID-19 test on day 7. You will be tested again on day 12, and then you will be free to do your business in Thailand after day 14.

Plan to get some excellent rest and maybe have some projects to keep you busy on your laptop. The food will arrive three times a day with a knock on your door, and it will be delicious. Good luck on your journey.

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