Visiting Venice: 6 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Venice, the Queen of the Adriatic, is one of the most interesting cities to visit in Europe. Don’t let the small size of the city deceive you. It has a lot to offer to tourists, from beautiful architectural landmarks, to restaurants where you can explore an entire specter of magical cuisine and wines. This city is also known as the City of Water because many of its buildings and streets are slowly sinking into the Adriatic Sea.

This city is the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi and it played an important role in the Renaissance artistic movement. Since there are many things to visit here, I have decided to make the list of the less famous ones. Visiting these will help you get the full picture of how magical this city really is.

Osteria Al Bacco

Osteria Al Bacco is one of the most precious secrets of the most northern Venice district – Cannaregio, one you won’t find out from any tourist guides. Some tourists luckily stumble upon it. But, it offers such an authentic experience that you don’t want to leave it to chance. This osterie (which means, Italian restaurant) is one of the oldest restaurants found in Venice. It is located in the street along the Canal delle Cappuccine.

In this restaurant, you can enjoy some of the most delicious seafood antipasti of shrimps. Regular dishes on the menu also include baby octopus, specially prepared spaghetti with black ink squid. Besides this, you can choose anything from many other Adriatic seafood options.

Dodo Café

If you want to experience the Venice espresso as a local, Dodo Cafe is the place where you should defiantly make a stop. It is also located in Cannaregio town district. Keep in mind tho, this cafe closes relatively early, around 9pm, and it is almost full early in the morning and during mid-day, since many locals make a stop here to recharge their batteries.

Venice Jazz Club

After a long day of exploring this ancient city, you deserve to take a break. And, where better to do so than in a jazz club. It is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The Venice Jazz Club is a very busy place, so make sure to make a reservation.

What can you expect there? A wonderful atmosphere, where you can chill and listen to the beautiful sounds of jazz. Most of the tables are for two people, which makes this club an excellent opportunity for you to surprise your partner.

Visit Local Islands

There are many beautiful islands near Venice. Why not use this unique opportunity to go on a small cruise and visit one of them. My recommendation is to visit the Island of Murano. It is very small and there are a lot of small boutiques where you can get some pretty unique souvenirs for your friends and family. You can get the best prices at one of the boutiques located near the marina.

Another island that deserves your attention is the Island of Sant’Andrea. Here, you will be able to see beautiful nature and the ruins of an ancient fort made to defend the city.

I will finish with the beautiful Island of San Francesco del Deserto. There, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the tranquil gardens of the monastery, while monks will speak about interesting facts about the island and the monastery.

Skyline Bar

During the night, Venice becomes even more beautiful. The lights and skyline make the entire place astonishing. You can enjoy a drink and a magical view from the Skyline Bar which is located at the Hilton Molino Stucky hotel.


If you like architecture, you should definitely rent a boat to get you to the south parts of the city. There, you will be able to see the astonishing Dutch villa, Ca’Zappa. It was built almost a century ago. The façade with red windows and gables make this villa very beautiful. Don’t forget to bring your camera to make some digital mementos to take home with you.
You can visit Venice the whole year ‘round. Each season provides a unique overall experience. This is why you definitely won’t be the only tourist there. This is why you have to keep an eye out for Venice vacation rental apartments, in order to secure the place where you will rest and get some time to integrate the day’s experiences and impressions.