What Business Travelers Should Know About Travel Rewards Programs

When you’re a business traveler, there are just some tricks of the trade you should know. For example, you should know how to pack everything in a carry-on, how to keep up with your healthy lifestyle even when you’re around the world, and to have one of the best travel insurance policies that meets your travel needs.

As well as those important tips, business travelers should also be well-versed in travel rewards programs. Some of these might be offered through your corporate branded credit card, but for a lot of business travelers, they work to accumulate points and rewards on their own so they can enjoy their downtime with some leisure travel.

The following are some things every business travel, whether you’re new or experienced, should know about rewards programs.

Choosing An Airline Frequent Flyer Program

Airline frequent flyer programs are one of the first travel rewards options that most people participate in, whether they travel for business or otherwise. While some people might be part of several, they usually focus on one because that’s what allows them to rack up points fastest and get the most value from participation.

When you’re choosing an airline program think about a few things including whether or not you live in a hub city for a particular airline, where you fly the most, where you want to fly, and whether you’re more concerned with things like the cost of travel, or the perks you get.

You can often find airline programs with co-branded credit cards so you can earn rewards faster, and they have perks like options to redeem points outside of airline purchases.

Of course, you don’t have to get a credit card to be part of a loyalty program. You can still sign up to earn mileage points with loyalty accounts.

Find a Tool to Track Everything In One Location

If you often travel for business, it can be tough to keep track of everything, and when that happens, you may not be taking best advantage of what’s available to you.

A tool like what’s available on can be a business traveler’s best friend. This is a platform that lets you not just track but also exchange and redeem your miles, rewards, and points. It includes not just airline frequent flyer miles, but also credit card and hotel point tracking.

Choosing Hotel Rewards Programs

When you travel for work, the loyalty programs don’t stop at airlines. There are plenty of great hotel rewards programs, but for most business travelers Starwood Preferred Guest is the best of the best. Once you make it to elite status, which is relatively easy, you can get quite a few perks. Plus, there are more than 1,200 international hotels that are part of the network.

You can also link your Uber account and earn Starwood Points when you take a ride, and if you’re part of the Delta SkyMiles or Emirates’ SkyMiles programs, you can get rewards that will cross over.

Regardless of the specific programs you opt for as a business travel, make sure you regularly re-evaluate because offerings in these areas change quickly and you may find that you’re missing out on great opportunities.


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