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How Tech Trends Are Helping Businesses Grow

Tech trends are taking the world by storm. Every industry uses technology in some way, and some even rely on it. The media industry, for instance, is seeing a big shift towards digital, with some print magazines becoming obsolete. Aside from technological progressions like the internet and social media, some businesses are even utilizing more advanced tech trends.

Virtual reality is one of the biggest trends that’s being used by a number of businesses and industries. One of the most notable industries that’s recently noticed the potential of virtual reality is the property industry, and property investment companies are using VR to showcase their properties to investors. RW Invest is an example of a company that’s recently adopted this trend as a way to promote their off-plan properties. Off-plan means that the property which is available for investment isn’t yet complete and is still in the planning or construction stages. This company is using virtual reality combined with immersive computer-generated imagery to give potential investors an insight into how the finished development will look, even being able to walk around and explore the property site virtually. This is a great business tactic as not only does it help move investments along, but it also helps companies stand out amongst competitors who may not be making use of this technology themselves.

While virtual reality is being used to help drive profits for businesses, it’s also being applied by some industries as a way to help others. The healthcare industry has started using VR to treat patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. Patients who were scarred by events in Iraq or Afghanistan are being treated with the help of virtual reality and the ‘Bravemind’ project, which exposes them to recreations of the events. Using virtual reality in this way is helping healthcare businesses make great strides and introducing new treatment methods that could help millions of people.  

The healthcare industry is also making use of artificial intelligence. AI technology is mostly used within the healthcare industry as a way to collect data and sort through huge amounts of patient data to suggest possible conditions and treatment methods. Artificial intelligence can also help to analyze complex data such as X-rays, CT Scans, and other tests.

Artificial intelligence, along with virtual reality, is another big tech trend that’s had a big impact on a number of businesses. Perhaps the most notable industry which AI is being used within is the retail and e-commerce sectors. Virtual chatbots allow companies to offer 24/7 customer service and provide customers with answers to basic queries when shopping online for products or services. This is a prime example of how useful tech trends can be, both for the business and the consumer. No longer do customers need to phone up companies and wait on long hold lines to ask questions, which in turn boosts leads and sales for the businesses.

With other tech trends such as Blockchain and virtual keyboards influencing businesses, it’s clear that technology will continue to make huge strides towards helping the growth of a number of industries and introduce the world to a whole new range of possibilities.