4 Ways You Can Lose Your Data Storage Forever—And How to Avoid Them

Data has rapidly become one of the most valuable resources a business can have in the digital age. In fact, some companies are able to make all of their income through data. Whether you profit directly off your data storage or simply use it to help manage your business, you likely rely on the information you own. 

Businesses can easily lose data through a wide variety of issues, but you can easily avoid most of them with a simple backup. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of data loss within modern businesses before diving into the best solution to all of them.

Power Outages

Not a lot of people realize that business data storage systems are often made out of large arrays of hard drives and solid-state drives. All of these drives work together, creating a large pool that can be used to store data. In certain types of arrays though, something as simple as a power outage can be enough to scramble and corrupt data beyond the point of recovery. 

The Quick Fix

A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, can be an excellent contingency measure in case you ever experience an outage.

Property Damage

Many companies rely on on-premises data storage for the information they own. While this is a good way to keep security in your own hands, it can also mean that any damage your property sustains could also hurt your data storage. Bad weather, natural disasters, and a range of other things can cause significant damage to a building, leaving servers and computers at risk of being destroyed. 

The Quick Fix

Storing your data in off-premises data centers can be a good way to solve this, though backups can also work just as well.

User Error

User error is one of the worst—and sadly most common—ways to lose data. Your employees often have the power to cause extreme loss when they don’t use their machines properly. For example, if a user accidentally infects your system with a ransomware virus, you could find yourself stuck with loads of encrypted data that you can’t access. 

The Quick Fix

Training, network security, and the use of a professional data center can all be good ways to improve this area.

Illegal Access

As mentioned above, there is a big market for data in the modern world. Criminals will work extremely hard to get their hands on data, and they will often delete it from the location they get it from in the process. Losing data like this can seem almost unavoidable, especially for companies that don’t have the resources to invest heavily in this area. 

The Long-Term Solution

While the threat of losing your data may keep you up at night, there is a simple solution to this sort of problem that should make it much easier to feel confident. Data backup solutions are becoming a common offering from data center providers, giving you access to a wealth of options when you’re looking for ways to keep your data from getting lost.

Use a third-party data security service to manage your storage servers. You’ll improve your security and work to avoid all the other data risks as well.

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