5 Creative Ways to Boost Your Business

If you’re running your own business, then you already know that getting a business idea off the ground is one of the most challenging things most people will ever do. While it’s certainly a milestone worthy of celebration, you likely also know that it’s simply the first step in a never-ending process. If you want to achieve long-term success, you have to keep increasing sales and growing your business. Most businesses fail simply due to a lack of capital, after all.

Of course, increasing sales is much easier said than done, especially in these difficult times. 38% of small business owners in the U.S. say they aren’t confident in their financial futures due to Covid-19. Many businesses also struggle to afford marketing teams even in the best of times. Not all marketing efforts have to be expensive, though. Here are some creative, and mostly low-cost, ways to attract more customers.

Customer Reviews

Collecting customer reviews online is important to help you gain a greater understanding of your customers and how to reach them, and they can also provide your business with some much-needed credibility. The more positive reviews you gather, the more likely potential customers are to give you a chance. A great way to start getting more reviews is by linking your business listing with a free Google My Business profile.

This makes it easy for customers to leave visible Google reviews, and you can build rapport by responding to them. Your profile also increases your visibility on Google Search and Maps, which is great for local search and increasing foot traffic. You can use your profile to keep in touch with customers and showcase your best products. Best of all, since it’s free, any business can afford it!


As far as paid advertising routes go, outdoor advertising offers some unique benefits. Working with a company like Clear Channel Outdoor, one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies, gives you bulletins that are always working for you, that people driving and walking by will always see, and that target a wide range of possible markets with a single technique. You can even control the local area your ads appear in, so you can better target your intended audience.

You can have even more control when you use digital billboards. These allow you to choose the time of day your message displays, or you can alternate between different ones over time.

Customer Loyalty

Your business has no greater resource than your existing customers, and it’s always easier to retain them than to attract new ones. There are several ways you can inspire customer loyalty, and one of the best is to provide exceptional customer service. Even if you can’t offer the best prices, offering more personalized and better service can still be the deciding factor for customers. You can also run promotions and make special offers to your best customers to keep them coming back. These strategies can even spread positive word of mouth, and who doesn’t like free advertising?

Custom Stationery

Every time you hand out one of your business cards, you’re advertising your business, and there are plenty more custom items you can be using if you work with Mines Press. Popular items you can include your company name and logo on include custom tax folders, envelopes, promotional pens, wall calendars, and report covers. Custom items like this make your business appear more professional, and you can leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees them.

Content Marketing

A great way to promote your business outside of traditional paid advertising options is through content marketing. This is any original content you create that showcases your products, services, or expertise in your niche. These days, this typically means online content like blogs or video posts. You might choose to pitch informative articles to blogs your target audience visits or make video tutorials showing off the benefits of your products. This will mostly just cost you time, and you may significantly increase your customer base.

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