5-Minute Team Building Activities to Boost Office Productivity

According to a survey conducted a few years ago, only about 7% of U.S. workers feel productive when they’re at work. With this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a huge shock to you if you notice that some of your employees aren’t as productive as you think they could and should be.

But you shouldn’t simply accept their lack of productivity and move on. Instead, you should find ways to motivate your employees so that they want to come in and work hard each and every day.

You can use 5-minute team building activities to put a spark in your employees and to make your office as a whole more productive. Take a look at a few team building activities for work that might work wonders for your office below.

The “No Smiling” Game

Want to put everyone into the right frame of mind right before a big meeting and get people to loosen up so that they can be as productive as they can be?

Bring everyone into the room where you’ll be holding the meeting, have them sit down, and then tell them that they’re not allowed to smile. And if they do? Tell them they’re out of the game.

This seems like it would be simple enough to do, but it’ll be funny to see how many of your employees crack under pressure and smile. It’ll also be nice to see everyone smiling one by one and brightening up the room.

This is great for those bosses looking to bring their employees closer than ever before during 5-minute team building activities.

The “Count to 20” Game

If you asked your employees to count to 20 together, could they do it?

They probably wouldn’t have any problem counting from 1 to 20 in unison. But the catch here is that they have to count from 1 to 20, with one employee saying one number at a time, with their eyes closed or their heads down so that they can’t see who is going to say the next number.

This 5-minute team building activity will help your employees to get better when it comes to active listening. It’ll also force them to work together to get from 1 to 20, which will make them better as far as collaborating is concerned.

The “Ultimate Dinner Party” Game

Those companies that can afford to do it should think about booking celebrities to visit their offices and deliver motivational talks to their employees. It’s a surefire way to light a fire under people and make them more productive.

But if your company isn’t in a position to do this, there is another way to use celebrities to your advantage. It involves your employees going around the room and naming three celebs they would invite to a dinner party if they could.

This 5-minute team building activity will help your employees get to know one another on a deeper level. This will begin to make them more accountable to one another, which will boost their collective productivity over time.

Give These 5-Minute Team Building Activities a Try in Your Office

Unhappy with the productivity levels in your office lately? Rather than resorting to yelling at your employees in an effort to get them to work harder, test out some of the 5-minute team building activities listed here.

They’ll help your employees to connect in a whole new way. This could do a lot for their productivity and turn them into a true team.

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