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Best Business Card Tips for Lawyers

Being a self-employed attorney is not easy. You need to invest a lot in building a strong brand image. There are a number of factors that influence your brand reputation. One of the most important is the quality of your business cards.

Attorneys need a different style of business card then most other professionals. Given both the prestigious and often controversial nature of your profession, you are going to be held to a higher standard than other business owners. Here are some tips that attorneys should consider while creating their own business cards.

Use visual elements that symbolize the justice system

Your business card needs to clearly convey your business. This generally means that you need to have images that represent the legal profession. Some business owners in other professions can have obscure images with little relation to their main line of work, but this is not an option for attorneys.

The best image to have on your business card is the scales of justice. This is a universal symbol for people working in the legal profession.

Use dull colors

Business owners in some professions want to communicate that they are vibrant and exciting. A fashion designer would probably want to have a business card with hot, flashy colors.

This is not the case with attorneys. People don’t usually want an attorney that is going to be flamboyant or emotional. They want somebody that is extremely serious and tends to come across as boring. Your business card should reflect that. You’ll probably want to use varying tones of gray and black for your business cards.

List your jurisdiction

Attorneys are only licensed to practice law in states where they have taking the bar exam. You don’t want potential clients to be confused about the jurisdictions where you are allowed to practice. You should make sure that your jurisdiction is clearly stated on your business card.

Mention the specialty that you focus on

If you are a sex crimes attorney, then you don’t want people calling you for advice on real estate issues. Likewise, a tax attorney is not going to want to be getting multiple calls every day from people that need help defending themselves against a DUI charge.

Your specialty should be listed on your business card to avoid any confusion. If you have a fairly broad range of areas that you focus on, such as probate and misdemeanor criminal charges, then you should list them separated by colons or bullet points. you want to make sure that people clearly understand what you are offering.

Use large font sizes

It is generally a good idea to use large font sizes for business cards in general. It will be easier to read, which is especially important if you are working with older people with limited eyesight.

However, using large fonts is even more important if you are in attorney. Strong fonts make a bold statement about your assertiveness. This will make people feel more confident in your abilities as an attorney.

Hand out your business cards slowly and confidently

You don’t want to seem to eager when you are marketing your legal business. People might get the wrong idea and think that you can’t get much work, because you aren’t very good at what you do.

It is better to take your time when giving out your business card. Pull it slowly from your wallet and continue to engage with your prospect in the process. You might even want to hold it out just out of their hands reach, so they need to reach out to take it. This subconsciously sends a message that they know that they want to come to you for business. It is one of those small things that makes a big impact.

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