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Champion Tuff Nov 2020: How to Season Your Grill Grates

You wouldn’t cook on a cast-iron skillet without seasoning, so you shouldn’t cook on unseasoned and cold wood fire grill grates. With the right heat and oil process you can avoid rust and clean your grills easily after cooking, too! So, let’s dive in with all you need to know.

Seasoning Your Grill Grates: Oils

You have to use a very high heat before you cook on a wood fire grill. You want to use the right type of oil to withstand the high heat without burning, too, and that means using a peanut oil or a canola oil. Their smoking point is over 450F, and this ensures that the oil won’t burn. 

This means that your food will taste better and your seasoning process won’t be destroyed, either. As well as the right oil at the right temperature, you do need to know how to season the grates and what tools you will need.

Grill Grates: Tools You Need

To be able to effectively season your grill grates, you need to have cooking oil, a spray bottle for coating the grates, a paper towel, and a grill brush. Now, let’s look at exactly what you need to do to season your grill grates.

  1. Always start with a cold grill, especially if you’ve just used it. The risk is that you burn the grates and any previous seasonings.
  2. Before you do anything, use your grill brush to scrub the grates and remove any food left behind. 
  3. Spray the grates with your chosen oil and get full coverage!
  4. Use the paper towels to wipe off any excess. Too much oil and you could cause a grill fire. A thin layer is more than enough.
  5. Get the grill turned on to high heat and allow at least 30 minutes before you do anything else. The grates will start to blacken as the smoke and the oil do their thing. The darker the grates, the more of a flavoring you’ll get.

Are All Grills Treated Equally?

You can use the same process for seasoning grills on all types of grills, especially cast-iron and steel grates. Porcelain grates won’t need to be seasoned before use, and you can switch up your grills if you want to try new flavors.

Should New Grills Be Seasoned?

Every single time you get a new grill, you must season it! Oiling and heating will always create a barrier that prevents any rust. Seasoning will also work to make your food taste great and maintain the performance of the grill. Take the time to season your grill grates and you will always achieve the best for your food.