Dabbing on a Budget

Dabbing is one of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. While getting into dabbing may seem expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Trying to dab on a budget? Keep reading:

1. Buy the Rig

The rig is a piece of equipment that is essential to dabbing. Without the right rig, you’ll never be able to dab properly. You will use the rig to melt oil, wax, shatter, or any other type of THC concentrate. While you have to buy the rig, you needn’t buy the most expensive one. Affordable rigs are easy to use, relatively durable, and easy to take on the go. Shop around to find the best rig that suits your dabbing needs, as well as your budget.

2. Find the Quartz Banger

The quartz banger will be used to heat the concentrate. Also referred to as the dab nail, this will hold your concentrate as it is heated. Most dab nails are metal, but this can leave the dab with a metallic taste. For this reason, consider getting a quartz banger. This will heat your concentrate without contaminating it with a strange aftertaste.

When dabbing on a budget, a 14 mm quartz banger will go well with your rig. These are typically very affordable and will allow for high airflow. Moreover, quartz bangers are more durable than glass, as they are less likely to crack.

3. Choose a Dab Tool

Once you have your equipment to heat the quartz, you’ll need a tool to transfer the concentrate to the banger. A dab tool is a pointed instrument that is ceramic, glass, or metal. When dabbing, heat your banger before you add the concentrate. With the right tool, you’ll be able to make the transfer while avoiding getting burned or making a mess.

4. Buy a Torch

To those that don’t dab, using a torch can seem a little dangerous, but when used properly, it is perfectly safe. While you might think to use a lighter, you won’t be able to heat the concentrate effectively without the flame from a torch. If you try to use a lighter, you’ll likely burn your fingers in the process. Instead, invest in a butane torch as it will allow you the distance needed to safely heat the concentrate.

Things to Remember When Dabbing

Dabbing for the first time is exciting, but be sure to stay safe when you dab. Getting your concentrates from reputable and licensed sources is is the best way to start your dabbing journey. When you dab for the first time, it’s best to have an expert on hand to help show you the ropes. That way, you’ll stay safe and learn dabbing best practices as well.

Slickvapes.com has all the equipment and resources you need to begin your dabbing journey. As you can see, you don’t need to break the bank to get started in dabbing. Simply invest in a few key pieces and you’ll be ready to get your dab on.

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