How Fashion Nova Gave Away Half a Million Dollars During the COVID-19 Crisis

Fashion Nova founder and CEO Richard Saghian is known in the fashion world as a rather private man.  He cares about his customers and his company has made amazing strides in the fast fashion industry almost exclusively through Instagram and influencer partnerships with it girl celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B.  

Fashion Nova’s over 3000 influencers and millions of loyal fans do such a good job promoting the brand, that Richard Saghian rarely feels the need to come forward and make a public statement but as COVID-19 has rocked the globe over the past few months., sending the economy into a tailspin, Saghian felt he had to do something.  

With customers always being at the core of the Fashion Nova model, the company’s desire to reach out to those in need came as no surprise.  Fashion Nova values its customers in more ways than one and Saghian saw a need and sprang into action.  

“People are struggling to pay rent, buy food, medicine and other essentials for themselves and their families. We all feel compassion and concern for those affected by the [novel] coronavirus,” Saghian said in a press release.  

Richard Saghian and Fashion Nova have partnered with long time brand supporter Cardi B.  Cardi B has worked with Fashion Nova since 2018, and Fashion Nova has released two Cardi B exclusive lines that set sales records and almost instantaneously went out of stock the second they dropped.  Together, Fashion Nova and Cardi B have been reaching out and making a real difference for those directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  

On April 8, Saghian and Cardi B announced that the philanthropic initiative of Fashion Nova, Fashion Nova Cares with Cardi B,  “will provide people with necessary relief to help them get through this crisis such as providing face masks. As a community-driven brand, we are inspired by the kindness and generosity of others and we wanted to do our part to help those in need.”  

Cardi B made the campaign public via Instagram, with a heartfelt announcement video captioned “Thank you guys for supporting me and @FashionNova, I teamed up with them to help those that have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.  Many of you are struggling to pay bills, feed your families, and take care of your overall essential needs. #FashionNovaCARES & I are giving away $1,000 EVERY HOUR until we’ve given away $1 MILLION DOLLARS to those directly affected by this crisis.”  She then invited her more than 64 million followers to “Tell us how the $1,000 can help you during these ties.  We’ll be reading your submissions and selecting stories everyday so enter now,” and promised that she would be personally looking through the submissions and selecting the recipients.  

Her post had over 11 million views and quickly accrued more than 55,000 comments – many from fans, sharing their stories in hopes of $1,000 of COVID-19 assistance money.  

Fashion Nova of course dropped the news on Instagram as well, telling their more than 18 million fans that “We’ve teamed up to help you pay our bills, feed your families and provide essential necessities as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.  #FashionNovaCARES with Cardi B will donate $1,000 EVERY HOUR until we’ve given away $1 MILLION DOLLARS!!  We want to hear from you.”

The Fashion Nova Cares with Cardi B initiative began on April 8 and will continue through May 20.  Throughout the program Cardi B and Fashion Nova will each give away half a million dollars for a grand total of 1 million dollars gifted to worthy recipients who have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

To carry out this amazing act of generosity, Fashion Nova Cares with Cardi B began giving away $1000 each hour on April 8th..  That’s $24,000 every day to people in need.  Since April 8th, Fashion Nova Cares with Cardi B has been selecting 24 deserving people each and every day and gifting them individual checks of $1000 to help during these unprecedented times. 

To apply, anyone in need is invited to visit fashionnova.com/cares to share their “personal inspiration story” and contact information.  Once chosen, recipients will be awarded $1000 of aid to meet their needs during this difficult time. 

“All of us have to play a part in supporting the communities that we serve,” said Richard Saghian in a press release. “Our Fashion Nova Cares initiative will continue beyond the current challenges of Covid-19 with additional endeavors and programs that will further help make a positive impact in people’s lives.” 

As the giveaway continues, you can follow @FashionNova to learn about some of the very worthy recipients of $1,000 checks and don’t’ forget to tag your friends to let them know that Fashion Nova Cares with Cardi B is here to help during these unprecedented times.  

Fashion Nova is already well known as a brand that values its customers and strives to elevate and empower an understanding of diversity and inclusion.  The Fashion Nova Cares initiative takes the brand’s inclusivity to the next level.  Not only care enough to proclaim support, but enough to truly empower those in need.