How one company is disrupting the auto dealer website market one site at a time

automotive dealership website builderThe automotive industry is undoubtedly one of the largest drivers of consumer spending in the world. In the United States where cars are an extension of one’s identity, automotive websites are beginning to play a huge role in tapping into an otherwise invisible customer base.

Most large auto dealerships have a robust, interactive website that is often subsidized by the auto manufacturers they represent, but independent car dealerships often struggle to find an online marketing solution that allows them to compete with the established auto lots who boast healthy advertising budgets. For this reason, a number of midsized used-car dealers try to make sales by posting to social media, or perhaps higher an expensive designer, only to find out that they are left with a site that looks good but does not function the way they needed to. With the average price of a used car at $18,800 according to a recent study by Edmunds, it is crucial that car dealers have a website that generates sales.

This is why DealerPlatform.com, a car dealer website company based in Florida, is making waves in an otherwise mature industry. Dealer Platform is a new kind of company, one that brings the technical know-how of online website design for car dealers and backs it up with a robust inventory management system baked into their platform. In short, their business model is not unlike the story of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods in order to give it to mortals for the benefit of humanity.

The company is transparent about their business. The way it works is fairly simple: car dealers who need a website sign-up for the service, which only costs a nominal monthly fee, and in return they receive not only a new website, but one that allows them to instantly post to craigslist, Facebook, eBay, and other platforms. In addition, Dealer Platform provides auto dealer websites that are hosted, have an exclusive domain name, are responsive on mobile devices, allow the car dealer to add inventory into the system with only the VIN number, features an image gallery, blog, live chat, and an online financing calculator. Basically, it is a plug-and-play online car dealership solution.

The company’s owner, Jean Bakkes, aims to disrupt the industry by leveling the playing field for smaller car dealerships who need an online marketing solution. By offering an affordable solution to online automotive sales and SEO, the company is a case study in effective digital entrepreneurship. Car dealers around the world are looking for a platform that allows them to run their lot without spending a fortune on web design and maintenance, and by building such a service, Bakkes and his team have created a valuable niche within the automotive sales industry.

Users can try out a free demo, and see firsthand how the product handles things like vehicle details pages, where they can include facts and figures, photographs, pricing, and descriptions of their inventory. Car dealer website builders are shaping the way that auto dealerships do business in response to the growing digital economy, and companies that provide affordable solutions to help car dealerships position their website online are helping to facilitate that transition in a way that is profitable for independent auto dealers and their customers.

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