How Ready Are We to Adopt Autonomous Vehicles?

Self-driving cars have been in development for a long time. However, in recent years they have started to become much closer to being released onto the mainstream market. Numerous trials have been carried out across the globe, but after reports of a pedestrian being killed by a self-driving vehicle, and several other incidents, are we really ready for autonomous vehicles to hit the roads?

Understanding the different levels

When we talk about autonomous vehicles, we typically envisage fully self-driving cars. However, did you know there’s actually different levels of autonomy?

There are five different levels of autonomy that vehicles can have, with level 5 being fully self-driving. The vehicles that are currently being tested and developed, only go up to Level 2. This means they are partially self-driving, but the driver will still need to do a lot of the work.

Given that manufacturers have only developed level 2 autonomous vehicles up until now, it’s likely going to be many years before the level 5 fully self-driving vehicles are released. So, even if we aren’t ready just yet, we’ve still got a long way to go before we really need to worry about self-driving cars hitting the mainstream.

Advancements in technology required

There is a lot of work still to be done with autonomous vehicles before we’re ready to embrace them. The recent incidents involving self-driving cars across the globe have sparked a debate over whether or not they will be safe to use.

At the moment, while impressive, the technology can’t currently detect all of the potential issues a human driver can. So, this will need to be worked on before we’re ready to trust them on the roads.

Is it best to wait before investing in an autonomous vehicle?

Although they are a long way off being released onto the mainstream market, some manufacturers are trying to get level 2 autonomous vehicles on the roads in as little as a few years. However, it’s definitely worth waiting until the technology has been improved before you consider investing in one. For the time being, there are lots of great cars that you can purchase with impressive technological features such as Vauxhall models from Peter Vardy.

Overall, as it stands, we definitely aren’t ready to adopt autonomous vehicles on the roads just yet. However, by the time they do reach the mainstream market, you can guarantee they will be safe and reliable.