Hypnosis for anxiety is more efficient for relaxing patients

A study which was officially presented at the 2015 Anesthesiology annual meeting has concluded that conversational hypnotherapy, or in simpler terms – a few calm words by the doctor to the patient who is about to go into surgery, can help reduce the anxiety more efficiently than hydroxyzine and other anxiety pharmaceuticals which are normally used to relax patients and prepare them for the anesthesia and the medical intervention.

It is absolutely natural to be anxious when you are about to undergo surgery, but 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety and an estimated 3.3 million adults in the US suffer from some form of anxiety disorder, so finding an efficient and safe treatment for it is of immense importance. Using hypnosis for anxiety treatment is becoming ever so popular, because it requires no medications, and thus is a more sustainable and overall is a safer method to help people deal with this sometimes debilitating condition.

The conversational hypnosis for anxiety for patients who are about to go through surgery proved to be more effective in helping patients relax, as compared to those who were given 25mg hydroxyzine in a research which involved 100 patients having hand surgery. The research team concluded that the patients who were offered soothing and calming words by the anesthesiologists meant to divert and help them relax had lower levels of stress before and after the procedure as compared to those who were administered the oral medication. The anxiety level was measured via the patient’s heart rate (the Analgesia/Noniception Index) and their comfort scale.


According to the research team, conversational hypnosis for reducing anxiety can be used before surgery for patients having general anesthesia and during the procedure for those with local anesthesia.

A similar successful use of hypnosis as a replacement for possibly harmful medications is becoming ever so popular for women in childbirth as well. More mothers-to-be are choosing to rely on hypnosis for anxiety and stress which normally comes with the painful process of childbirth.

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