Learn About the Functional Roles of WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web has been the talk of the town lately, used by many people nowadays as it gives them the liberty to freely talk to people from their desktops screens without having to check their phones every minute. If you use the WhatsApp Web app, learn about the different functional roles below, and make proper use of them.

Functional Roles of WhatsApp Web

Mentioned below are the different functions of WhatsApp Web that you must know while using it:

  1. Multiple Accounts

You can use more than one WhatsApp account on your Pc. Many of us have two or more Sims on which we might operate two different WhatsApp accounts. You can open both your WhatsApp accounts by opening two separate tabs on Google Chrome or Safari and sign in separately.

  1. Blue Tick Escape

You can view your WhatsApp messages on your desktop screen without actually letting the other person know you have read it. This is the blue tick escape. The blue tick signifies that you have read the message. You can avoid this by opening a notepad file. Keep your cursor stable on the notepad file and the message will load in the background. If you view a message like this on your phone, this is the 3D view. This update is only available for iPhone users; however, you can now use it on your desktop too.

  1. High-Quality Voice Notes

You can easily send in and receive voice notes on your WhatsApp Web app. Voice notes on the WhatsApp Web app are mostly soft and low in quality. You can improve the quality by using a WhatsApp Web extension called Zapp. This will help you to increase the volume of your audio message by a hundred percent and change the playback speed up to 2X.

  1. Message Previews

If you are a Google Chrome user, you can use WAToolkit, which is an extension that adds extra features on WhatsApp Web. With the help of this extension, you will receive WhatsApp notifications. You can see the message without having to switch to the WhatsApp Web tab. WAToolkit also lets you receive and send in full-width text bubbles.

  1. Easily Transfer Media

WhatsApp Web allows you and gives you the liberty of transferring any type of media on your chat onto your desktop. You can easily send in media to your other WhatsApp contacts on your desktop also and save the images on your computer.


With these many functional roles of the WhatsApp Web application, you can now freely use WhatsApp the same way you do on your phone screens. Enjoy and learn these different functional roles and teach other WhatsApp Web users you may know about these useful functions. 

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