Measuring Air Pollution and Water Levels with Cell Phones

Cell phones continue to evolve at a rapid pace, giving us access and control to things that seemed like a pipe dream even as recently as five years ago. Being able to do just about anything you can think of on your cell phone means greater possibilities than ever before when it comes to making a positive impact on the world around us.

There are many alternative carriers now available that provide cell phones at a far more affordable rate than ever before. That means a greater level of access to information for people of all races, ages, and financial ranges.

Check out any Mint Mobile review or Hello mobile review and you will see that there is very little difference in quality between those alternative carriers and the major brand name carriers that we all know far too well.

Even better, cell phones are beginning to have a substantially positive impact on the environment around us. One way that is beginning to burgeon is improving air quality and helping to provide solutions to water supply issues.

Cleaner Air and Water

What’s pretty amazing is that there are already apps that can actually measure the air quality in a given area. While they have only been pushed to cell phones in limited capacity, they can be used by simply taking a picture of the sky.

When that picture has been taken, it is sent to a central computer that then compares the luminance value of the sky to a number of algorithmic models for time and coordinates. If the sky is less bright, it indicates haze aerosols.

This is incredible for being able to detail pollution levels in a specific area. Collecting that data allows scientists to work on determining which areas have what impact and ways to correct those issues.

Additionally, there are companies developing tools to have cell phones help solve water supply issues. This means collecting data to predict when water will be available in those cities that are in limited supply.

Having this information available is a potentially game-changing asset to have when it comes to solving a water crisis, ensuring that water can be delivered to areas that may be a critical shortage.

These are just a few of the things that cell phones are changing for the positive. While we may be focused on the use of social media or entertainment, cell phones are pioneering the changes in technology that are meant to better this planet.