Suitable Vehicles for Travelling with a Wheelchair

Shopping for a new car at any time can be a minefield, but when it comes to finding one suitable for wheelchair users, it can prove even trickier. Although there are more wheelchair accessible vehicles available these days, they can prove to be expensive. They also come with numerous different features, making it hard to know which one is right for you.

If you’re on the lookout for a vehicle suitable for travelling with a wheelchair, below you’ll discover some of the best advice you can follow.

Which models are best for wheelchair users?

You’ll find a huge choice of vehicles available for wheelchair users these days. However, some models are definitely considered better than others. Some of the most popular wheelchair accessible vehicles include:

  • Volkswagen Caddy
  • Peugeot Partner Horizon
  • Ford Tourneo Independence
  • Peugeot Boxer Spirit
  • Ford Connect Freedom

All of the above come with high user ratings and when you buy through a specialist company, you’ll often be given great finance deals to help you afford them.

Deciding upon which features you need

When you’re trying to choose the best wheelchair friendly vehicle, it’s important to consider the features you’re going to need. For example, will you need a vehicle which allows you to stay in your wheelchair inside? If not, you’ll need to consider which style ramp you’ll need to lift your wheelchair into the boot.

You’ll also need to consider whether or not you need any additional modifications to the vehicle. It’s best to speak to a specialist company to talk through your requirements and they can then advise you on which type of wheelchair friendly vehicle you need.

Things to consider before buying

There are a few factors to consider when you’re buying a wheelchair adapted car. If it comes with a lowered floor for example, you may experience clearance issues underneath the car. Modifications made to the vehicle may also mean that the fuel tank is smaller, requiring you to fill up the car more frequently.

These are just some of the factors to consider when you’re looking for a wheelchair friendly vehicle. It’s a big decision so you should never rush into buying the first suitable car you come across. Contact a specialist company to ensure you’re making the right choice to match your requirements. Making the right decision can really help to improve your life, giving you more freedom and independence despite your disabilities.