Top 3 Elegant Fall Fashions Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss out in 2019

In the contemporary world, people are more concerned with how they look, and they tend to move with the changing times. When the word fashion is mentioned anywhere, it instantly brings to mind a color flash with a glamour dash. It is becoming accepted by women in a big way, and they are experimenting with unique styles, looks, and textures. Fashion plays a significant role in a person’s life since it is regarded as a way of self-expression. Since it gives you a sense of belonging, for instance, the garments that a woman or men wear aid them to identify with a specific group of people, which can either be a lifestyle, professional, or religion. Therefore, fashion has become more significant than a style nowadays, and it has nearly become everyone’s necessity. It is on this dimension that this article focuses on the Top 3 Fall 2019 Fashion Trends to watch out, including an item from the RealReal.

1. Silk Polka Dot Dress w/ Tags

The first trending fashion this fall is the black and khaki silk dress with polka dot print all through, curled at sides, ruffle-spotlighted layers featuring hidden zip closure at the back. The dresses are designed by Nicholas and are classically designed for a slim fit. The dress has a favorable price of $145.00 at the RealReal website, and by purchasing the product, you contribute to the further sustainable fashion industry, a place where luxury goods remain in circulation. The dresses are among the modest fashions in the market, and non-counterfeited ones are found on the company website. It is up to you to make an order this fall. The RealReal is the elite marketplace for authenticated and consigned luxury good in the world, and experts oversee the authentication process. Therefore, they offer a safe and reliable platform for customers to sell and buy their luxury items. On that basis, it means Silk Polka Dot Dress’s purchase on the company website is guaranteed to be safe and reliable and nothing to worry consumers on the authentication of the product.

2. Belted Blazers

Several seasons ago, blazers stole our hearts, however this fall; the androgynous shape is seizing a nearer step toward femininity and possesses more shape-defining silhouettes. Therefore, investing in a blazer with a built-in belt is a wise decision. Also, you can turn the trend to be your own by buying an extra belt over the one that you already own. In doing so, you will make your wallet happy because the blazers are sold at affordable prices. It just requires sacrificing a few pennies for you to be part of the trending fashion, and on top of everything, you will have a beautiful modern look this fall. It merely means that this fall s, you got not to be left lagging with the old fashioned blazers, but keep up with the market wave with a belted blazer.

3. The Prairie Dress

The dress silhouette that has been stirring us since spring is gaining its momentum going via this fall with darker patterns and more covered fabrics making it more attractive and appealing. You can make it less of your grandma night wears by pairing it with whatever thing from heeled booties to your preferred loafers. Therefore, it is unto you to chill out and grab your preferred leather jacket, throw it on the dress, and head out for a walk with a one-and-done outfit, which you will never desire to take off very soon. The dress matches perfectly with a leather jacket and the appearance that it gives you no one can afford to take off his or her eyes on you.

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