Verizon: From a wireless provider to a content producer

New York City, New York – Verizon is recreating itself as a content producer as well as an ad platform. No longer contented just by being a wireless provider and with the wireless business soaring up high, the company has made announcements that the company came up with a careful method that will target the digital revolution in the world of entertainment and media.

And usually in this type of industry, those companies that go through profound innovation to disturb themselves are the ones who are likely to succeed.

Verizon got AOL earlier this year, along with the company’s envied content assets and ad platform. For example, the Huffington Post. After that, in early of this month, Verizon’s version of the AOL, finished the purchase of the Millennial Media for $238 million. This is a mobile app and ad monetization company. The purchase of this company, which transports ad to around 65,000 apps, adds to the growing ability of Verizon to go against the huge competitors in the mobile advertising world.

In another development, Verizon just released the beta version of the company’s new streaming service for mobile devices, the Go90, with the customers of Verizon Wireless from other carriers, as the Go90 will still be available to every mobile user, and not just subscribed to Verizon, with a full debut planned for the end of this month. With combined television, live video and vents, the Go90 seems to have a lot to offer.

To an average observer, Verizon just appears to be throwing the company’s hat into a ring that is already crowded. The direct competitors of the company as well as other content owners have been providing streaming video services that are Internet-based ever since HBO announced the HBO Now a year ago, and announcements like this just keeps going.

However, Verizon is taking action on a strategy that is cautiously implemented: targeting the young generation and mobile customers who are hungry for content, while producing the effort through digital ad platforms that are advanced. Companies that mainly focus on the former, without the right consideration on the latter will eventually fail, where most will succeed.

According to the company, they are set to target the younger population around eighteen to thirty-four year olds. Seventy percent of which check videos using mobile devices. Without a doubt, the content, with offers from SPIKE, MTV, VH1, Discovery, NFL Network, ESPN, Food Network, and Comedy Central, seems to be shifted to this target.

As if it’s not already enough, the Go90 has a strong social factor, something that Millennials are hungry to have. Through the Go90, the users can now set up their profiles to customize their experience, then share the clips to social media platforms, and follow friends and other pages that interest them. Verizon’s Go90 will also have the “crew” feature, which lets the users join groups that interest them.

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