What Are European-Style Cabinets?

Most renters or homeowners in Europe move into homes that have kitchens with a lack of appliances and cabinetry. For this reason, the European market for cabinetry is extensive. With most kitchens throughout Europe being completely different in size and style, they need to be adaptable and easy to install.

European cabinets are, and always should be, easy to adapt and personalize to suit the style and kitchen dimensions. If they are, they will be easy to add or subtract from the space. Thus, homeowners can take kitchen cabinetry with them into new homes across Europe and get them adapted and fitted to suit any space.

A sign that a cabinet is Europe-style and authentic will be if it has hidden hinges. Hidden hinges act as a hallmark of the European cabinetry style, as they make it easier for the cabinets to be installed and appear frameless. European style interiors are often minimal and lack unnecessary features, such as hinges. Thus, a frameless cabinet is a true European-style piece of kitchen furniture.

What is the purpose of a hidden hinge?

Hidden hinges provide the home with more storage space. As the hinges are hidden away and fairly small in size, in comparison to the cabinet itself, it offers maximum space, which is convenient in any home. 

Small and hidden fixtures also allow the cabinet to be lightweight and minimal in appearance, which reflects European-style. 

Does it have to be frameless?

A trademark feature of European-style cabinets in the frameless look. Frameless cabinets do not have a center stile in between two doors, which is usually in the middle. This provides easier access to the items inside, as well as more storage space to work with.

Do European-style cabinets work in any home?

Although the style of the cabinet is European, that does not mean they only fit European homes. The beauty of the European-style frameless cabinet with hidden hinges is that that can be added to any space. They are universal and that is their main purpose. 

Due to them being easy to adapt, add, and remove from space, you can personalize them to your preference and size. If your kitchen has an awkward gap between two items of furniture or other drawers, you can create a cabinet to fit. Or, if you have always wanted a large cabinet to fit multiple items in the kitchen, then you create one. 

They are versatile in design and appearance too. Most are contemporary and minimal, which is easy to fit in with any style of kitchen. Whether you like bold designs or a barely-there look, a European-style cabinet can suit your needs. They can be painted to align with your interior and fit in any size kitchen or awkward space. 

Since European-style cabinets are versatile, easy to adapt, and can pair with anyone’s home, they are a great option if you are on the hunt for maximum storage space. They can serve anyone’s space and interior perfectly. Whether you like a timeless kitchen or something more creative, European-style cabinets will satisfy your needs.