What Network Does Mint Mobile Use

Mint Mobile is America’s most used phone carrier that provides excellent speed at a very reasonable rate. Its high speed is due to the mobile network it is associated with, mentioned below as you read further. Mint Mobile does not work on all phones and is accessible through one certain network. If you want to know through what network you can access Mint Mobile, then definitely do read this article for a proper Mint Mobile review.

What Network Does Mint Mobile Use

Mint Mobile is a prepaid MNVO short for mobile virtual network operator, owned by Ultra Mobile, an MNVO of America’s leading network, T-mobile. You have to use a phone that supports the T-mobile network. If you do not have an unlocked phone, you, unfortunately, will not be able to operate Mint Mobile services on it. 

T-Mobile network has one of the fastest streaming and uploading speeds compared to other networks in the United States. However, before you opt for the Mint Mobile network, see the Mint Mobile coverage map on their website. 

Some states, such as Nebraska and a few places in Wisconsin and Idaho do not have proper Mint Mobile coverage. Therefore, it is best to look at your area’s accessibility on the coverage map. However, you may face some inconvenience when it comes to using roaming services.  For now, T-mobile does not give you the liberty to use roaming services. Therefore, being a prepaid customer restricts you for using T-Mobile’s native network for coverage.

What Type of Phone You Can Use

As mentioned above, you can only use phones that are unlocked to obtain Mint Mobile services. However, if you already have a T mobile phone, which is GSM-unlocked, then you are good to go. You are eligible to use the Mint Mobile network if you are using a phone from simple mobile, AT7A, Cricket, Metro, or Straight Talk.

For More Details

If you are still struggling to figure out whether your phone is applicable to use the Mint Mobile network, you can visit the Mint Mobile site. On the site, you will find some tools that will help you to ensure if your phone is compatible enough for Mint Mobile services. 

You can also put in your phone’s IMEI on the Bring Your Own Phone Page (BYOP), which will help to detect its compatibility. You can also go through their FAQ page in which the appropriate site given there helps you to check the exact band support.


You do not have to worry about not having the efficient speed for your network based activities or a proper phone to use Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile covers all these issues and helps you through it. So hurry up and sign up for Mint Mobile services

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