The Top Things That Can Go Wrong During a Holiday Vacation

Millions of people travel abroad every year and the potential things that can happen when your holiday goes wrong can be daunting. However, these things are not meant to put you off from the idea of living it up under the sun for a week or two.

For the majority, going on a holiday is the best time of the year but for others, it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Of course, there are different kinds of stresses such as harmless ones and the kind where you get post-traumatic stress. Light stress is easy to grapple with but if you’re experiencing high-level stress, you may be entitled to PTSD compensation. To keep that from happening, find out the issues you could face when your holiday goes wrong below!

It’s not what you were sold to believe

Pictures speak louder than words, right? Wrong. Don’t believe that all images found on brochures are accurate representations of the area or accommodation you’ll be staying in. Once you arrive and it’s not what you expected, complain to the manager, holiday provider or tour operator immediately. You’re only able to make a claim if your holiday was booked as a package. Before you accept the compensation offer, make sure you’re content with what they’re offering you in return.

Your flight is delayed

Travelling can be stressful. Delayed or cancelled flights only add to this stress. If your flight is delayed for two or more hours, you’re entitled to free food and drinks as well as granted access to make telephone calls and emails. In some cases, you might even be provided accommodation depending on the expected duration of the delay.

It’s only when the airline is at fault can you claim compensation for up of three or more hours. Costs may vary depending on the period of delay and distance you’re travelling, but you can expect to receive a minimum of just over £200 or $270.

You fall ill

There’s nothing worse than being ill on holiday, which is why you should carry your EHIC card with you at all times for those living in the UK or any country that’s part of EU. The EHIC (E111) card is available to citizens within the EU and allows these residents to receive medical treatment for free or at a reduced cost.

Firms that go under

Luckily, package holidays are highly protected since the Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations came into place in 1992. If your tour company goes under while you’re enjoying your time abroad, you should contact the original holiday provider to arrange return flights or another form of travel. Unfortunately, the people that book their flights and accommodation independently will have to pay for replacement services on their own.

Misplaced luggage

Nobody wants to be told their luggage has been lost when arriving in a new country or upon their return. It’s the responsibility of the airline to find and return your luggage to you within 21 days. You can make a claim against your lost baggage as long as the loss is reported to the police, tour rep, hotel manager and transport provider within 24 hours.

You may also claim for reimbursement for any money you’ve spent replacing your lost items such as toiletries and clothes. But to be able to do this, you must keep your receipts to serve as proof when making your claim.

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