5 Effective Ways To Promote Video Content For Your Business

It takes talent to create top-notch video content and a bit of resource. While video content offers businesses an effective marketing method, not all visual content finds success. This is because brands often overlook the crucial factor in implementing a promotional strategy while creating content. Whether you have an in-house team of professionals, or you will be outsourcing your video production needs to reliable services such as Zipinmedia, be sure to consider these practical ways to promote your content after creation.

Humanize Your Video Thumbnail

Studies show that people are more likely to select relatable content, and the most generic relatable thumbnail is a smiling emoji. Switching the video’s thumbnail to a smile can significantly impact the content’s overall views. While this tiny detail may seem somewhat irrelevant, consumer behavior solidifies that even the smallest detail can make a monumental difference to consumer decision making processes. 

Run A Visual Content Campaign On Social Media

There are various effective ways to run a video campaign. However, some of the most effective include free offerings scattered across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and the trendy realm of Instagram. Advertising campaigns are commonly found on these social media platforms, and the impressive success rates make the minimal marketing effort well worth it. You can create a catchy campaign that attracts your audience to follow a link to your business’s website. Traffic is then directed to the landing page that showcases your charming video content creation. 

Allow Viewers To Share From The Media Player

Adding a share button to the media player that allows viewers to share your visual content with the click of a button can have your video spread like wildfire. While your video content’s quality and trending capabilities will be a massive factor determining whether or not your content can go viral, crutching your content with clever tricks will only fuel your content’s powers. Be sure to add a share button that allows the content to be shared across various platforms. The more sharable your video is, the more exposure your business will get.

Add A Call To Action To Request Shares

Intriguingly enough, people are more likely to share content if a request to share the content is included in your video campaign. Once again, a seemingly small detail is enough to direct your video towards more and more views. A call to action is commonly used for email campaigns and various other forms of digital marketing. You can also consider merely asking everyone to share your video through your own personal social media channels to help the content gain initial traction on the web.

Merge Your Video To Other Marketing Efforts

Instead of crowning your video creation as your primary marketing effort, you should marry your video content to all your marketing efforts. Including your video in your email marketing strategies and other forms of digital marketing tactics will genuinely strengthen your approach to promote your business using video content.