5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Company’s Explainer Video

Can you explain what your company does in 60 seconds flat?

Maybe it’s better to ask how long you actually need to explain what your company does. Or how much you struggle to get your point across — to convey basic ideas that you know cold, but have difficulty translating into plain English for the benefit of an audience that isn’t as knowledgeable as you.

If you’re already nodding your head in agreement, you need a simple explainer video solution that cuts through the complexity and helps you convince your audience to take action. You also need a crash course in the key mistakes that can ruin your company’s explainer videos and actively drive members of your audience into competitors’ arms. Steer clear of these five, to start.

1. Poor Animation and Audio Quality

Every seasoned video producer is familiar with the carnage wrought by poor audio and video quality. It’s not just that shoddy production is distracting; it signifies to your audience that you’re not particularly interested in the quality of their experience. Which, if you think about it, suggests you’re not all that interested in satisfying them. That’s not the message you want to convey to potential customers.

2. No Call to Action

Every explainer video needs a call to action, full stop. This is true regardless of the video’s position in the buyer’s journey: whether it’s designed to inform early awareness stage prospects or built to get last-minute deciders over the hump. Without a call to action, your video might as well be anonymous, and that does your sales strategy no favors.

3. Inadequate Storytelling 

Mistakes in this category fall under a pretty wide rubric, but they all come back to one major deficiency: a video with no clear sense of narrative or purpose. It doesn’t matter whether your video is 60 seconds or 60 minutes (please don’t do that) — your audience won’t stay interested without a logical narrative arc, sharp transitions, and just the right amount of visual or audio effects to keep things engaging.

4. Copying From Existing Company Marketing Materials

It’s okay to lift high-level talking points from company sales sheets or product manuals, but writing an entire explainer video entire script directly off written marketing materials is a huge no-no. Prose meant for silent consumption normally translates poorly to multimedia.  

5. Trying to Do Too Much

Your next explainer video is not the only video your company will ever cut. Which means it shouldn’t try to explain everything. Keep your video on point and your audience will reward you with their interest. Try to do too much and they’ll wander off. It’s as simple as that.

Explain Like Your Business Depends on It

Now that you know which explainer video mistakes you really need to avoid, you can focus on what actually works. Whatever your company does, whoever its explainer videos target — it doesn’t matter. The power to cut through the noise and deliver a powerful pitch is within you and your team. Are you ready to find it?

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