8 Tools for Creating Better Videos for Your Marketing

The use of videos has been growing lately. Businesses are using more of them as they have realized that it is a better medium for communication than written words.  But many companies haven’t warmed up to video as it takes more effort to create videos than images or just simply writing text. 

True, creating videos takes work, but the number of tasks you have to handle and the amount of time this takes up can be cut short with easy to use tools. So, to help you find the right tools to create better marketing videos, I have put together this quick guide for you…

#1 Research tools:

There are several great research tools out there that help you figure out what type of video content is good. Some let you place URLs of videos to view their metrics, while others let you search keywords and find what is trending. Some of them are even made specifically for researching ads. So, make sure you get yourself a good video research tool. 

They will help you spy on your competitors to see what is working for them. This will save you a lot of time as you won’t need to spend too much time experimenting. 

#2 Camera and other equipment:

To create great video content, you need to be able to record top-quality videos. So, make sure you invest in a good video camera. Also, try and invest in other important video equipment such as lighting devices and microphones as they can help improve the quality of your videos too. 

#3 Video editing software:

Another piece of equipment you need is a video editing program. Make sure you get a really good one. As editing can take up a lot of time. When you use advanced software you will be able to edit your videos more quickly. This will give you more time to create videos. 

A better option would be to hire someone to help edit your videos. This could be someone full time or on a contract basis. 

#4 SEO tools:

If you are creating YouTube videos, you should get yourself some good SEO tools. As YouTube is not just a social network, but a search engine as well where people come and look for videos. 

Also, YouTube videos rank in Google’s search. So, you can get some traffic from here too. 

If you haven’t got a budget for an SEO tool, you can use Google’s keyword planner to find keywords for free. 

#5 Image creation tools:

Images have become an important part of video marketing as you need to create thumbnails, icons, logos, etc. for your videos. Also, images can be used to promote the videos on other networks to drive more views. 

So, make sure you invest in image creation tools such as photo editors, background removers, logo makers, etc. 

#6 Promotion tools:

Video promotion is more important than creation. Video promotion ensures you get the most out of every video you create. You can promote your videos by sharing them on social media, through influencer marketing, and with ads. This can again take up a lot of time if done manually. So, get yourself some ad automation tools, influencer marketing tools, and social media management software. They will make it easy for you to promote your videos and drive more views and sales.  

#7 Live video tools:

If you want to create live video content, you should get yourself some of the best webinar software. They will help you reach more people without any hiccups. 

#8 Analytics tools:

As with any form of marketing the data is one of the most important bits. If you create videos, you should track their performance, and then use the data to modify your videos or to create better video content in the future. This will help you generate more views and sales. 

So, get some good video analytics tools that will help you analyze your videos better. Analytics tools can cost more, but they will pay for themselves in the long run. 


These are the 8 best tools for creating video content. Invest in them today. They will save you time and help you generate more engagement and sales.

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