Artist Takes Old NES Games Look To Another Level In Photoshop

New York-based illustrator Andrés Moncayo has recently dove into the 8-bit world of the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and decided to give it a 21st-century facelift.

He starts his process by grabbing screenshots from some of Nintendo’s most iconic early games, such as Punch-Out and Duck Hunt, and loading them into Photoshop. There, he carefully graces each scene with masterful shadows and highlights, softens the pixelated outlines characteristic to retro graphics, and adds realistic textures to give a supremely ‘modernised’ look. It’s serious imagination fuel for the hardcore gamers who would kill to see high-quality NES reboots – and over 68 Reddit users agreed with their upvotes.

Which game would you love to see remastered next? Shout out in the comments, and who knows, maybe Andrés will hear you out.

Contra II


Duck Hunt

Double Dragon

Ninja Gaiden

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