Best Shows to Stream on BBC iPlayer Right Now

BBC iPlayer is one of the top video on demand streaming services that allows you to watch exclusive BBC content, be it TV shows, movies, documentaries, and many more on multiple devices hassle-free. 

The best thing about BBC iPlayer is that you do not have to spend a single penny to get its membership. Interestingly, you can subscribe to BBC iPlayer without any cost. 

Subscription aside, BBC iPlayer is famous in different countries worldwide due to its excellent media content library. For instance, the UK-based streaming service is popular in Australia because more than 1.2 million British people who reside in the country prefer to watch BBC iPlayer within Australian territory.

However, they cannot stream BBC iPlayer in Australia due to geo-restriction issues. That said, they should not lose all their hopes because they can easily access BBC iPlayer in Australia using a VPN and watch their favorite content on various devices instantly.

If you are a BBC iPlayer enthusiast who wants to know which shows you should watch on BBC iPlayer alongside your family, read this post in detail. 

Best shows to stream on BBC iPlayer right now

The Victim

The Victim’s story revolves around a mother who reveals her child’s murderer’s identity on social media after 14 years. As a result, Craig Myers’ life is entirely ruined by this allegation since it damages his reputation as a caring father and loving husband significantly. 

Some Girls

Some Girls is another famous show that depicts the lives of four (4) teenage friends who want to live their lives to the fullest. However, they find it challenging to balance their lives among different things like education, personal hobbies, relationships, career goals, etc.   

This show is an eye opener for all of us as it shows how you should live your lives during your teenage years. 

Our Girl

Our Girl is a popular British drama series that discusses the importance of women empowerment in a cordial manner. This drama highlights the struggles of a working class British woman who becomes a part of British military force to give her unsettled life a clear direction.


Miranda is another impressive TV series based on the comedy genre. The show portrays the humorous life of a tall lady who finds herself in difficult situations due to her extraordinary height all the time.

If you are planning to watch lighthearted comedy series this weekend, Miranda is an interesting choice. 


If you prefer to watch shows based on the crime investigation genre, you should include Spiral in your streaming list. The show explores several crime incidents happening in Paris’s streets, including politics, kidnapping, drugs, etc.

The A Word

The A Word is yet another popular BBC drama TV series adapted from an Israeli TV series, Yellow Peppers. The series highlights the hardships of a young autistic boy who is the only cause of connection between his divorced parents.

The 10-year old child star has impressed his fans and critics with his superb performance as an autistic patient. In short, The A Word is a TV series you should not miss at any cost.    

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is a different TV show based on genres like suspense, mystery, and horror. The show’s story revolves around four (4) friends who start receiving disturbing messages from an anonymous person A when one of her childhood friends goes missing.  

Normal People

Normal People is an excellent Irish drama TV series that explains the impacts of love at first sight in an enticing manner. The plot of this highly popular BBC iPlayer show describes the teenage years of a young couple who start liking each other when they meet in high school. 

Killing Eve

Killing Eve needs no introduction because this famous and BAFTA award winning crime investigation TV series has received accolades from viewers and critics due to its impressive storyline and strong performance from the lead cast.

The show’s story revolves around a British investigation officer and a psychotic assassin who surprisingly start loving each other despite all the differences.  

Bonus Information

Arena The Changin’ Times of lke White

If you are fond of documentaries based on real-life events, you should watch Arena The Changin’ Times of lke White. This documentary has delicately described the highs and lows of a famous musical prodigy, lKe White. 

In this documentary, you will see how a convicted murderer records a musical album in prison that ultimately becomes his ticket to freedom.

Wrapping Things Up

BBC iPlayer is a one stop solution when you want to watch British TV shows, movies, and documentaries based on different genres like comedy, nature, science-fiction, horror, romance, etc. 

Above all, you can watch all this amazing content on multiple devices at no cost trouble-free.