Auto Total Loss, Low balling ACV

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(Calif) Vehicle legally parked & hit in rear sheered driver side leaf spring brackets off. (not drive-able ) Adjuster had me get a rental vehicle & said she would reimburse me. Question, When valuating a Total Loss for ACV Payout, how can insurance companies get away with using vehicles that are a lessor grade & body style ( for example F150, XLT rather than Lariat best grade ) & way higher miles, then adjust the number in their favor to come up with lower value. Using 3rd party CCC. btw.. Its all over the internet CCC has been sued for colluding with insurance companies " Use us we will save you lot of money " Seems like that is classic " Bad Faith negotiations " I provided (available same time as their search) 2 vehicles that are the correct same body style and mileage close within 10k. Adjuster is a broken record seems to be reading from the Insurance playbook. They also are not considering enhancements, Oem 20" Rims & Tires, HID headlights, rebuilt transmission with only 8000 miles on it. Insurance at fault is Bridger Ins. They using Sedgwick/Vericlaims as Adjuster. Its been over 45 days since accident & they cut my rental vehicle and won't reimburse me till the claim is complete. She never disclosed I would need to wait ( could be 40+ more days ) for reimbursement & my deducible. I opened a claim with my insurance co. They aren't much better same tactics. Would making a complaint to the Calif Insurance commission benefit me or just a waste of time ? TIA

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