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How to Become a Successful Bitcoin Trader

Becoming a bitcoin trader today has become quite popular, as bitcoin continues to gain traction in the crypto industry. Prior to becoming a trader, I suggest starting here: Dailycoin’s guide of how long it takes to mine a bitcoin, because it is one of the most overlooked aspects. A bitcoin trader refers to anyone focused on making gains based on the changes in the bitcoin market. These traders buy bitcoin at lower rates to hold and only sell when the rate is higher. They do not aim for long-term investments but rather try to leverage on small-term changes.

This might seem little but it can also be lucrative, as lots more people are gearing towards this path and seem to be profiting off it. If you’re looking to become a successful Bitcoin trader, we have highlighted some of the best ways to achieve that:

1. Risk vs Reward

If you want to trade bitcoins successfully, you must understand your risks and rewards. Investments generally come with risks but with risk management in place, you can measure the volatility and positive outcomes. With more risks in investing comes more rewards and higher chances of losing but you should also be able to strike a balance to a point where you are not always at loss. 

2. Your Trading Platform

There are user-friendly auto trading systems available to make bitcoin trading easier than ever, such as https://learnbonds.com/bitcoin-trader. This software helps you analyze your crypto and allows you to predict prices with 99% accuracy. Your choice of the trading platform can have a huge impact on how well you do, as it helps you view historical price charts and a great way to manage your trade. A trading platform also helps you diversify your funds should you consider investing in other markets such as stocks, indices, commodities, and forex while giving you a smoother trading experience.

3. Stay Up-to-date

As a crypto trader, you have to stay updated with the current news and also actively be involved in forums and communities that discuss the market. This will help you get first-hand info and could also help create trading opportunities for you per time. The power of quick information cannot be overemphasized, as it could end up being the thin line between a huge win and a loss. Look for the best crypto news outlet or any platform that can provide you with the latest news and trends. 

4. Self-control

Self-control is often talked about in investments especially when encouraging people to work towards a long-term plan. However, to be a successful bitcoin trader, you also need this to understand your emotions and how to separate them from the market. Emotions tend to drive our decisions as humans most times, so you have to put that in check to avoid trading at the wrong time based on what you feel. 


It is often advised to aim for long-term investments, with one of the major reasons being that it helps you gain more over time. However, if you would be investing on a short-term basis to sell later, it will take additional skills to not accrue too many losses. These tips are the most common ways to get going as a bitcoin trader but ensure you do your research about the market before diving in.

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