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“Masters of war, Build to destroy, You play with my world, Like it’s your little toy, All the money you made will never buy back your soul”   Bobby Ray Simmons adapted from Bob Dylan

Let me tell you in no uncertain terms I am already against the next war. And war, just like death and taxes it is going to come. 

think photoWords are something that the government likes to twist around to confuse and confound the average person. Euphemisms abound as do outright lies. For example when people are asked ‘Do you support the troops?’ That’s a pretty devious way to ask a question. Let me say that I support all human beings whichever flag they chose to wave if they chose to wave one. I firmly believe that we are all equally human and that the world is meant to share. But to answer the question directly I must add an addendum, “Yes I support the troops but I do not support the mission.”

First of all the jokers who are asking the question got a lot of nerve. Remember in the Iraq war that the relatives of the soldiers in harm’s way were scrapping all the money they could put together so they could provide some armor for the vehicles? Truth is that if you really supported the troops you wouldn’t be placing them in harm’s way for some satanic mission of stealing another nation’s resources.

But aren’t the troops protecting our freedoms? That is the mantra that is rammed down our throat. That somehow by going to one of the poorest countries on planet Earth and killing civilians who just want to live their lives in peace is somehow guaranteeing me that I can write this piece. If anything the mission of the troops is robbing the freedoms of other people of self-determination. I mean you can make arguments that the police and FBI are securing our freedoms.  I wouldn’t agree but you could make some valid points. But by this endless war of conquest is simply a bane for all except those who are profiting from it.

If you think that I am wrong you write a comment showing the direct correlation between my constitutional rights and the slaughter of innocents in foreign countries. Even if you believe the official story of 911, which I don’t, Iraq and the country of Afghanistan had nothing to do with the attack. At best Bin Laden was hiding in Afghanistan and he was supposedly killed years ago.  With every person killed overseas more and more anger and hatred are generated. This will eventually lead to something very bad, we will, as the Bible states, reap what we sow.

But let’s get back to supporting the troops as that is a very important thing to our society. I have been locked up in psychiatric wards with a number of people who served in the military. It seems to me that basic training alone is enough to mess up one’s mind, let alone experiencing combat. The troops have been put into inhumane conditions and have down horrible things.  There is no way to get around it, killing and destruction are not noble are virtuous acts. Still, I do not point a finger of condemnation at the young soldiers. At such an early age, in a world saturated by lies understanding what is going on is very difficult. Many adults don’t even grasp the basics of reality. The veterans need compassion and acceptance as they try to return to civilian life.

There are of course easy answers. End the wars. Share the wealth. Accept one another. Dismiss hatred, embrace love. But the lust for material possessions and ego gets in the way not only making the waters murky but poisoning them with toxic chemicals.

I think that the veterans need to share their stories. To speak openly and honestly about what their experiences are. To articulate what happened to them. And we as a society should listen to them. For the most part, I feel the troops are almost as much the victim as the poor people they devastated. It is the generals, and the people on Wall Street and the manufacturers of the military industrial complex, the politicians, the bankers that should be blamed. Not some poor person entering adulthood who signs on to hopefully better his life.

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