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Why Book Clubs Are So Hip Right Now

In 2018, book clubs have become something of a trend. This may be in response to the overwhelming rise of digital media and the lack of facetoface conversations we have about the things that are important to us. It could also be that book clubs are just plain fun – a good excuse to get together with friends, drink some wine and have a laugh!
Another excellent reason to start a book club is that it motivates you to actually read a book. Maybe you made a 2018 resolution to read more and even drew up a reading list, but when you’ve had a long hard day, it’s easy to default to Netflix or head out to the bar. When your book club date is coming up, you’ll feel obligated to read the book. Even if it takes peer pressure and a hard deadline to make it happen, you’ll be glad in the end.
Book Clubs for Different Demographics 
The Mid-Life Crisis Crowd – Your forties are a time for soul searching; a time to check in with yourself and reassess your values and worldview. Often close friends who drifted apart in their thirties while raising children reconnect at this age, hopefully with a bit more wisdom. At this age, going out to trendy bars and partying all night may not be as appealing as it once was, so keeping it classy with a book club and some fine Chianti might be just the thing.
Retirement Reading – One of the beauties of retirement is that you can finally read all those classic novels you meant to when you were younger. Hosting a book club in the comfort of your home over tea and cookies is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, and retirement residences like All Seniors Care Living Centres often maintain expansive libraries and encourage resident-led reading groups. For voracious readers, retirement years are a dream come true and building a social experience around the solitary act of reading can help youappreciate what you’ve read in a fun way!
Millennials in Search of Something Real – With the onslaught of digital and social media and an endless stream of content flowing forth from Netflix and Amazon, it’s no wonder that millennials want to take refuge in a calming form of narrative that doesn’t need to be binge-consumed. Mixing it up with non-fiction and fiction and taking in complex, thoughtful perspectives on humanity is a welcome change of pace for an overstimulated generation.
Three Great Reads 
Whatever age you are, here are three great books from different genres that almost anybody would love:
Homo Deus – Yuval Harari is an Israeli historian with a unique take on the world. His philosophical survey of civilization explores what the future of humankind might look like.
Stoner – This novel by John Williams was initially overlooked when it was first released in 1965, but has recently become a bestseller. It is a subtle and poetic tale of an average man’s life and the decisions and events that define his fate.
Americanah – This virtuosic novel by ChimamandaAdichi explores the culture clash that ensues when a young woman from Nigeria travels to the US to attend university.
Whatever your age and no matter how much you’ve read in the past, starting a book club can provide a great pretext for social gatherings and profound moments of solitude!