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3 Ways Cosmetic Companies are Making their Packaging Shine

Beauty Packaging Today

The cosmetic industry is a highly competitive market, especially as makeup trends come and go long before you’ll ever reach the end of your eye shadow palette. That’s why, whether a company is new to cosmetic branding or looking to up its game, the packaging matters. In 2020, cosmetic companies have shown a commitment to honest design with a personal touch. Apart from designing visually enticing packaging, there has also been a notable shift to sustainable packaging with the rise of eco-friendly, human-safe products. Below, we’ll discuss how these cosmetic packaging trends have influenced packaging today and should inspire innovative and creative packaging design for years to come.     

1. Aesthetic Considerations of Cosmetic Packaging 

Beauty products are meant to enhance one’s look in some way, whether that be via bold sparkle or neutral, natural tones. Just as the right shade of lipstick will highlight the lips, the right lipstick packaging will attract a customer to buy it in the first place. A notable example in makeup is Urban Decay’s 2020 Stoned Vibes Vault. Each piece is sparkling and dramatic, and the packaging for the eyeshadow palette is particularly mesmerizing. It features multi-dimensional gemstones over a shiny holographic pattern that faithfully represents the bold, colorful power of the twelve shades inside. In fact, the entire cosmetics collection promises sheer color and multidimensional makeup effects, which is why the highlighter, eye pencils, and lip glosses are complimented by crystalline designs and sparkling textures. 

2. Building Brand Loyalty with Makeup and Skincare Packaging 

Small details in packaging design, like branded tissue paper and die-cut cardboard can make the unboxing experience so memorable for customers that they are happy to spread the word about the brand. Packaging with a special touch can do more than just attract customers, it can turn them into brand ambassadors. Glossier’s iconic bubble pouch, for example, became a must-have as important as the makeup and skincare products that come inside of it—it became a conversation piece that marketed Glossier’s products in style. The quart-sized bag was also perfect for travel, replacing single use plastic baggies and making this reusable pouch a big win for sustainable packaging. It became so popular that the company even began to sell the pouch separately. 

3. Innovative and Creative Jewelry Packaging Design

Modern jewelry packaging pushes the boundaries of packaging design—highlighting all of the possibilities to create truly unique cosmetic packaging solutions. Whether it’s elegant or flashy, jewelry packaging should make a statement as much as the piece inside of it. The packaging for Kultur 5’s first-ever jewelry line showcases its sustainable and imaginative brand. A conceptual project, it’s almost worthy of its own exhibition. The Swedish company’s handmade rings fit into a pine tray that slides into an aluminum case. The minimalist design is simultaneously stunning and practical. The wooden tray can be used to hold or showcase the jewelry in store or in the home, while the aluminum case is designed to hold a large Solstickan Matchbox, a common product in Sweden. 

Final Thoughts on Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic companies today celebrate helping people look and feel their best, which makes packaging an important aspect of the industry. Yes, what’s on the inside is what really matters, but beauty brands understand the confidence boost a new shade of lipstick or a statement necklace can provide. In a similar way, the best cosmetic packaging boosts the appeal of the product inside, drawing consumers in through design that is beautiful, alluring, and innovative. As illustrated above, beauty brands looking to make their packaging shine should aim to do these three things: base design aesthetics on what the product does for its buyers, throw in a special touch to enhance the unboxing experience, and don’t be afraid to do something completely unusual. It’s important that cosmetic brands keep these in mind as they plan their packaging design.