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5 Reasons Why You Should Develop an App For Your Business

According to statista.com, there are almost 2.2 million apps available on the Apple Store. The Google Play store has slightly over 2.8 million apps on the market. It is evident that smartphone applications have grown in popularity over the past decade. The good news is that smartphone apps are not only there to entertain users or allow them easy access to social media. Businesses can use mobile applications as important assets for growing sales, introducing new products, and improving brand image. If you haven’t considered creating an app for your business, here are five reasons why you should do it.

Secure Your Data

Before we get into the five reasons why businesses should develop their own mobile app, it is important to keep online security in mind. Even though it is a valuable asset for the company, a mobile app can become a vulnerability if your network is not adequately protected. Hackers can use applications as back doors into larger networks. Then they can steal data or alter the system. To reduce the risk of cybersecurity incidents, make sure to find a reliable VPN provider that doesn’t record your data and online activities. It is recommended to use a VPN that does not keep any kind of logs. A paid and reliable VPN provider will never keep track of its users’ actions or sell the data to third-parties.

#1 Beat the Competition

One of the top reasons why you should consider building an application for your business is to beat the competition. If the majority of the businesses in your industry or area don’t have an app, this could be an excellent opportunity to stand out and steal their customers. Having an app allows the business to gain a unique selling proposition and a new approach that the customers will find appealing. On the other hand, if most companies in your industry already have an app, the reason you should develop one is to keep up with the competition rather than fall behind.

#2 Improve the Business Structure

A smartphone app for a business doesn’t have to target the customers. In fact, businesses can build apps for their teams to improve the overall structure and the inside processes such as communication and productivity. A customized app that is specifically created for your business can help connect the employees and take the communication to the next level. Improving communication and task assignment can lead to increased productivity and efficiency, which are important factors for increasing sales and profits.

#3 Improve the Customer Experience

A smartphone app can help businesses improve the overall customer experience by offering better customer support. An app would allow your team to respond to all questions and concerns in one space dedicated to customer support. On the other hand, the customers won’t have to wait in lines or make calls to get their questions answered. This level of efficiency and convenience will positively affect the customer experience, which can result in higher conversion rates.

#4  Build Trust and Loyalty

The app can also serve as a space dedicated to the brand’s most loyal customers. One way to engage customers and make sure they come back to purchase more is through gamification. If you allow the customers to collect points for every purchase they make through the app, they will be inclined to return and spend the collected points on the next purchase. Thus, gamification can boost loyalty among customers and increase sales and conversions. This can easily be built into a mobile app that will make your business unique and entertaining for the customers.

#5 Remain Present In the Customers’ Lives

Email marketing and chatbots are a great way to keep customers engaged, but nothing can beat app notifications. Once a customer installs the app, you will be able to send them customized notifications that pop up on their lock screen. This allows brands and businesses to stay present in the customer’s lives, as they can reach out to them at any time during the day. Besides, the customers will have an icon on their home screen to remind them of your brand every single day.


Today, creating an app for a business is easier than it has ever been. With thousands of freelancers and agencies available online, you can easily outsource this task to a professional and get the job done in no time. However, to protect this business asset and keep the entire network secure, make sure to use a no log VPN to browse the internet anonymously. Mobile applications are a great opportunity for brands and businesses to stay one step ahead of the competition or to make sure they’re not falling behind. After all, customers are more likely to opt for a brand or business that takes their role in the industry seriously.