Website Design

Design Your Website to Sell While You Work

The internet is a fantastic place to find anything you need, millions of people use it every day to buy and sell products and services. But, for some people running a website is incredibly time-consuming, which can be hard work if you’re still working a regular job as well.

However, with the right design and add-ons, you can actually get your website to do the work for you.

By using Quikclicks Website Design you’ll be able to customize your website design, use paid online ads, and, most importantly, get people to order online without you needing to speak to them.

If you’re wondering why you should be using a firm to help you then pause and consider how much expertise you really have in website design.

When you’re running your own business one of the most important things you can do is learn to delegate.

Your time should be spent doing what you do best, if that’s not website design then let someone else do it, you’ll find it’s cheaper and more time-efficient.

Easy Steps To Success

The first step is to evaluate what is currently on your website. You’ll probably have a product or service that you’re trying to sell.

Of course, the only way to sell is to find and attract customers, which is why you spend most of your time speaking to possible clients and persuading them to use your services.

However, the more time you spend looking after potential clients the less time you have to develop and improve your products!

You need to focus on your product and your service, the right website design will allow any visitor to find and purchase what they need in a matter of minutes.

Find Your Niche

Every industry consists of niche areas, if you can find a niche, or create one, that your business slots into, then you’ll have a cornered market.

Once you’ve isolated the audience you’ll find it much easier to target them, they are smaller than simply targeting the whole world. This work even if you’re in a large niche, it’s still much smaller than targeting the whole world.

Don’t forget that this will mean redesigning your website, it needs to reflect the niche you’re operating in and targeting.

Let them know what they’re getting before they buy, ideally as soon as they arrive at your page or see your link.

Your Objectives & Values

The very first part of your website should state clearly who you are. Your name should reflect the niche you occupy. Ideally, one sentence to summarize this is the most effective method.

You then need to tell your visitors who you are in just one or two sentences and give them the links they need to find further information.

Don’t forget to include the most commonly asked questions with answers, it will save you a lot of time answering the same question 20 different ways.

Show Off

It’s a great idea to show the work you’ve already done and your happy customers. It’s an even better idea if any of your existing customers are high profile enough to be known within the industry.

This will help you to build the right reputation and increase your sales potential, without you being disturbed.

You should only display work that you are 100% happy with and customers must consent to their comments being published, make sure you include an automatic consent in the terms and conditions. It will make your life easier.

But, keep it simple, visitors need to be able to assimilate the information in a matter of seconds.

Give Them A Route

If you want them to request a quote, or order a service, then you need to make it easy for them. The shorter the process and the easier it is to find the less the customers will need to talk to you.

If they need further information make sure you have a well laid out contact form as this will allow you to reply at your leisure. Just don’t leave it too long to reply!

The contact form should ask for all the information you’ll need to give them a price or realistic answer, this will save their time and yours.

This also helps to avoid the customer from having too many options to choose from, something that can make them defer a final decision and leave you without a sale.

Payment Options

If you want your site to sell while you work you need to have a way for your customers to pay. If you’re selling digital products, the payment process will trigger the release of the product without disturbing you at all.

You need to be aware that there is usually a charge for hosting payment options, but, the more you have the easier it is for people to purchase.

Finding the balance can be difficult but it’s an essential part of designing your website to sell while you work.

The Special Offer

There are those that will come to your site knowing what they want. But, there are also plenty of people that are unsure and need a little extra prompting.

This is where the call to action comes into effect and it should be visible most of the time. You’re not just asking them to buy, you’re encouraging them to do it by giving them an offer that is hard to say no to.

Promotions such as ‘limited availability’, or short-term discounts, help visitors to commit on their first visit, without your input. That’s the kind of sales you want to build on.