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How to Choose the Right Drupal Website Design Company For Nonprofits

When launching a new nonprofit website, choosing the right Drupal website design company is essential in order to effectively manage content and keep visitors informed and engaged in supporting your mission. Nonprofits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also have a need for a secure space for online donations and effective communications management, which is why Drupal makes an excellent choice for a content management system (CMS) platform.

Since 2001, the Drupal platform has been viewed as a reliable CMS with fast performance, great security features, and customizable content features, all of which create a dynamic and engaging visitor experience. Drupal was created with developers in mind, and its modular design components allow for virtually endless possibilities for content presentation. Drupal is now used by a diverse community and serves as the foundation for all types of websites from startups, community organizations, and large corporate websites. 

Choosing a Drupal website design and maintenance company is not a quick or easy decision to make, especially if we don’t understand the importance of content presentation and how to choose the appropriate Drupal modules and themes to create a website that fits your nonprofit’s unique needs. It is important to think of it like this — your website is the face of your nonprofit, and especially in the digital world we live in today, it is often the first point of contact an individual has when learning about your mission, vision, and values. Making a good impression through your nonprofit website determines whether or not someone may want to become involved with your organization, engage with your content, or donate to your cause. The more visitors you can engage on your nonprofit website, the more likely you are to increase the number of individuals that want to support your cause.

Identify Your Website Goals and Objectives

A nonprofit organization must educate their target audience on the importance of their mission, vision, and values to influence them to become involved or donate to the cause. A nonprofit website will serve as the primary resource for reaching out to new individuals who may not know about your cause or existing supporters who want to stay engaged.

If you are considering upgrading your nonprofit website platform, we recommend Drupal as one of the most reliable investment options. Not only does Drupal offer the flexibility your brand might need to create an eye-catching website, but it also offers a high level of support for your staff through the Drupal community.

Drupal offers the following features that are especially beneficial for Nonprofits:

-Easier Content Management


-A Secure Space for Processing Online Donations

-Enhanced Search Engine Functionality

-Community Support

Although some website design companies may sound appealing with low prices, it is important to understand they may use a one size fits all approach when it comes to designing your nonprofit website. You may find that the website design companies with lower prices do not take the time to properly research and analyze your industry before determining a plan for your nonprofit website design. They also may be limited when it comes to your feedback on design changes or adjustments as the project progresses.

Communication is Essential 

When beginning collaboration on a nonprofit website design, you must decide in advance how often communication should occur between your business and the Drupal website design team. Email and phone are good options for communication, but a more ideal option for you might be a Drupal website design team that is willing to arrange a virtual meeting when you need it most, or provides additional tools that help streamline communication processes and allow your nonprofit to make creative revisions or adjustments as they see fit. 

Consider Service Offerings

Another important aspect to choosing a reputable nonprofit website design company is if they are able to provide ongoing maintenance and support after the project is completed. These types of website design companies are also engaged in content writing, Drupal optimization techniques, digital marketing, and website research and analytics. They can offer the tools and suggestions that will make your nonprofit website more engaging and better optimized to help meet business goals and objectives, and will allow your website to evolve as your nonprofit organization grows and changes.

Agency Reputation and References

Having a good reputation within the nonprofit space is probably one of the most important qualities you will want when selecting your website design vendor. Take a look through their website portfolio and client testimonials to learn more about the Drupal website design projects they have previously done for nonprofit clients. By familiarizing yourself with the types of websites they have designed in the past for nonprofits, you will get a good idea of whether or not they will be a good fit for your organization.

Agency Experience

Navigating through hundreds of website design companies to find one that fits well with your business can be a daunting task. We recommend selecting a vendor that has a good understanding of the needs and objectives through previous work in Drupal website design within the nonprofit space. This can help provide a good idea of what to expect as an outcome if they are to work with your organization. A good website design company will also include an analysis phase prior to providing services to determine which types of support solutions will produce the best results.

Alliance Interactive is a top Washington, DC-based Drupal website design and maintenance company with over 17 years of experience working with nonprofits. Whether it is donor recruitment and retention or building a community of supporters, nonprofits need strategic design methods to enhance engagement. Alliance can develop a Drupal website for your nonprofit that defines your cause, helps donors find you easily, and educates visitors about the organization. We have experience working with both large and small organizations including donor sites, crowdfunding, charity organizations, and other nongovernmental organizations.