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Top 7 Dos and Donts of Website Design and Creation

The first website creation project in your business was hopefully better than most of ours. To put it simple my first was laughable at best. We have all learned from critical mistakes made when setting up our sites in the past.

Remember when we thought that having a website automatically meant people would see your website. Man we were newbies.

I remember thinking that ranking high in Google and having thousands of eyes on my site meant just building the site. Soon I learned differently to say the least. SEO was a new word and I found myself trying to understand what it stood for much less how to do it. Forget strategy as I was a fish out of water.

You on the other hand have me as a guide. Your guinea pig. Learn from the mistakes and wisdom gained from years of finding out how to do it and some classic laughable mistakes. So if you are building your first or forty-ninth website this year then there have become some mission critical items to make sure you are aware of.


Do: Content Marketing Correctly in Order To Gain Authority Links.

The most important thing once your design is complete and you have made sure your site is mobile friendly is to get your promotion hat on. Take out the epic content marketing playbook and build your large piece of content. Then take excerpts, ideas, and cool information and reach out to other sites in order to get them to publish, quote, or reference your articles and post. These backlinks coming from Authority sites are exactly what every site needs in order to skyrocket your rankings.  

I was once asked what one thing I would go back to high school and tell myself. I would hand myself a complete guide to content marketing. I could have owned the internet had my former puberty stricken self ever conceived to know then what I know now.

Take my advice to my old self and learn how to work diligently on marketing yourself and your site using content. It will take you places.

Don’t: Game Google with Link Spam.

Don’t even try it. The corners you cut will come back and cut you. First and foremost it is not necessary. If you make content creation, promotion, and outreach a normal every day process and function in your business then your websites and businesses growth will happen naturally as a function of your diligence.

There are not many winners when it comes to trying to game google. Not long term. You are building a business and not a flash in the pan. Any short term wins will be conceded with long term pain and penalties.


Do: Write the Words (Content) on Your Site Directed at Someone You Know.

Write like you are having a conversation with a human. Evoke emotion with your content and you will have more customers than you could ever think about. You will also gain some great relationships along the way.

The internet has become a great place to build relationships and community. The days of a corporate feel to seem like a huge business is over. People love seeing the face of the brand on the cover of the site.

They like to feel like they “know” you. No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Don’t: Just throw words on a page.

Don’t half way just write “stuff” to put a checkmark beside the task list of your content creation strategies no matter how tempting it may seem. Take the time and do this one right. The rewards are there especially if you sink your teeth in and make a great piece of content and then promote it.

The time it takes to create the content and then promote it come back in droves when you let time work on your side. The downside isn’t there. You just have to have the discipline to manage your time effectively.

Your content today will work forever for you if you continue to utilize it in your marketing, nurturing, and recycle campaigns. That means the value of your single piece of content is infinity. Jump in your time machine and read this about Google. You will utilize your signature pieces of content in the future, forever.


Do: Break Down Information For Your Customers.

Work based on your customers buying stages. Some customers are already educated and just need to know why your service is the best, while others are just now researching the fact that they have the problem you claim to solve.

Start with those closest to purchasing and work out to the beginning stages with your content. This will give you an educational process in your content that leads to the result you want. You want either a consultation, a sell, or a fan.

When you are working on these buying stages it helps your writing and your site. You learn to think differently about each persona and educate towards their current knowledge level.

When this process completes itself because of your marketing efforts (like using marketing automation) then you will be the expert from their perspective. This means you normally created all three of your goals, a fan, a sale, and someone that wants you to tell them how to do it (a consultation).

Don’t: Just Order Blog Post That Are Based On Keywords Trying To Get Some More Traffic

because google bots may see a keyword on your title. Keywords and SEO are important. You have to prioritize the fact that your customers are more important. You have post that are there to be promoted and others that are there to be shared via your email list.

So the process is to gain their initial comfort level from finding you on the internet via your content marketing and SEO efforts.

Then you get them to share their information with you via a form or downloadable piece of content.

Then you put them into a nurturing campaign in which you educate them based off of where they are in the buying process.


Do: Work Smarter by Creating Large Pieces of Content

(Guide/eBook/White Paper) once a quarter and then breaking it down into bite size chunks for blog posts and emails. This process is essential for long term and wide spread content marketing efforts. This way you have your ideas captured in your large piece of content.

Your promotion and blog post will come as “slices” from that large piece of content. These excerpts are great for posting as a guest post.

They reference back to the other “slice” which you made into a blog post.

Your blog post references the mega guide you created. This gets them to fill out a form.

The process repeats itself for all the different places you amplify your content on the internet. So you create your master guide and then use the rest of the time promoting and making slices.

You are never without a strategy for growing your website or an idea for a guest post because you have that large piece of content as a theme.

Don’t: Stress fully throw content together

In order to again have words on your website. Don’t write without having a plan for your content.

You can look at your customers and their needs and understand the problem you are solving. This problem has to be identified and your prospects have to learn to trust you as the authority and expert on that topic that can absolutely solve their problem.

Each stage of that education process leads to more and more content in order to lead them through the buying cycle. This then becomes the various guides you need to strategically create, design, and mold into masterpieces for your content marketing strategy.


Do: Have outreach

Work diligently on reaching out to new authors, journalist, writers, bloggers, and website owners to try and get more and more of your content published. (that’s how this article started)

How this article was pitched:

When you are looking to reach out to journalist do not think volume. Find the publication you are wanting to go after and start researching the various contributors and their style. Find someone that writes things that you like to read on your topic.

Find a way to contact them. Find multiple ways. Craft your pitch on a word doc or google doc. Then find the best medium that can put it in front of them.

Become a fan. This is super important as you have to make sure you build the views of the page you are trying to contribute to. This is why they will want to quote or gain contribution from you again.

Hopefully you will get one of these emails:

Don’t: Just Randomly Buy Fiverr Post and Bad SEO Firms to Build “Backlinks”

This is not even a starter mistake. This is an epic lazy mistake. You knew better than buying SEO packages from inexpensive options. If that worked we wouldn’t have to write wonderful articles about content marketing and SEO.

Everyone would just pay their fifty dollars and rank their website. How would that ever work?

Backlinks are one of the strongest indicators to Google that others trust your website. Make sure your key indicators are from strong authority sites and you will be happy with the results.

Honestly I know that it seems a bit daunting but a few months from now you will feel accomplished and have a huge ego boost because of your diligent disciplined hard work paying off.


Do: Double what you have currently.

If you have a few blog post then make a guide and double the amount of post you have. If you have one authority link from a good site then work on getting 2. Doing things in bite size chunks makes it mentally consumable.

When you focus on taking what you have currently and just improving it in the slightest deviation it becomes manageable. It becomes inspiring and motivating to do. You want to get that next small task completed.

This is why just getting one more is so addictive.

If you find yourself overwhelmed then break out your strategy again and whiteboard out everything. Brain vomit onto a white board or Evernote and soon you will be able to think clearly.

Don’t: Only Focus On What You Don’t Have

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You have to start somewhere so enjoy the journey.

The journey will be epic. You will have a wonderful authority link inside of a few weeks and will be smiling from ear to ear because of it. Don’t focus on the fact that you are not competitive for competitive keywords at that point.

Focus on the fact that you hit one of your goals and now you can hit the next one.

Enjoy and embrace being small. This can be a strength as you season your business and build great processes that will blow away your competition.

“The ark was built by a family of amateurs while the Titanic was built by a team of expert professionals.”


Do: Think BIG. Like Gigantic Big.

Even though we are only trying to double our efforts and results today doesn’t mean we don’t want to grow our email list to 10 million subscribers, become dominant on every keyword we ever thought of having, and have journalist and media outlets begging to quote us.

Thinking big is fun. Working through it takes diligence, hard work, and attention to detail. The big thoughts are what motivate and power you through the rainy days. These thoughts are what make you skip a few hours of sleep to do some extra promotion.

Think big databases of clients, prospects, media outlets that you have a relationship with. This will get your creative juices flowing on how to get there.

Don’t: Let the Size of the Thinking Overwhelm Your Actions

You have to plan in chunks in order to execute. You have to take action to accomplish.

When you think big you have big task. Break them down into smaller bite size portions. Build out the ideas for the guide. Now take one of those ideas and research it. Now take the research and form that portion or idea for that amazing guide.

These bite size chunks are totally doable and can be smaller projects building into one epic piece of content. The promotion is the same way. Don’t let the weight of the world be on your shoulders.

We are all in this in the same way. You are not behind and you can’t fail if you act. You can get some wins today but only if you make it possible by acting.

Bonus Tip: 

Do:  A 30 Minute Task at Lunch and Gain Rankings or a Better Design.

This one is simple but effective. Every day at lunch make sure you pull up your site and make it look better, reach out to someone about publishing a guest post, or citing your site as a reference.

Those simple outreach moments via twitter and email can become the base of your rankings.   

Don’t: Skip Lunch Even if You Are Emailing a Few People Between Bites.

While skipping lunch isn’t the real point here. Don’t start sacrificing real life to gain small portions of wins. Take time to enjoy the journey and keep good habits.

Take the time to make the emails and outreach into a template of sorts in order to eat lunch and email journalist.

The design changes can be just sketched on a napkin that you take a picture and drop in Evernote.

Take notes on what you want changed on your site or content that can later be sent to a designer on Elance and completed on the cheap.

These small moments do something bigger than the outcome you get from the 30 minutes.

These keep you focused on the prize. They keep you looking forward at progress. This progress is what is driving you to read this article in its entirety.

Keep finding great ways to create outreach and driving yourself and your site forward and soon you will have those wonderful rankings and post that you crave so much right now.