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Web Design and Development: Why It’s an Essential Part of Online Businesses

In case you weren’t aware, in the real world, physicalities come before personalities… that’s just the way it is. It’s like that in lots of areas of life. For example, people will listen to the beat of a song and love it before actually listening to the lyrics and realize that the song is either terrible or really good. The same goes for dating. Before getting to know someone as a potential love interest, you have to first be physically attracted to them, right? Yes… As sad or shallow as it might be, beauty does indeed come before brains.

If you take that same theory of physicalities before personalities and put it in the world of web design and development, it would be web design before content. 

What exactly does that mean? 

It means that people are more willing to shop or browse on a “pretty” website, even if it has bad content, than to browse a plain and simple looking website even though it has great content. The fact that the website is “boring looking” means that it’s not going to entice a visitor long enough to realize that the website has valuable content on it.

According to Adobe’s State of Content Report, 66% of people stated that they’d much rather see something that’s beautiful in design versus something plain. That statistic is the very reason why web design is so important for your online marketing presence, and it’s especially important if you’re looking to expand your business. 

You can pull out all the marketing tricks to grow your business… whether you create a social media page or look into reputable digital marketing firms, your business can only go so far before reality sets in that your website needs to be appealing to visitors. Here’s why.

Why Web Design and Development is So Important to Your Online Business

Great Web Design Sets the First Impression For Visitors to Your Site

You’ve heard people say that first impressions are everything, right? Well, they are, and that theory applies to web design too. Did you know that it only takes a few seconds for a person to visit your website and formulate an opinion about it? 

The “ugly” truth of it is that if your website is unappealing, boring, or outdated, people aren’t going to stay on it long enough to that it’s a valuable and informative site… 

You may have taken the time out to find the top products that sell best online, invested in a few marketing services, and really stepped out of your shell to get social on social media… but in all your efforts to drive traffic to your site, they’ll prove to be meaningless if your followers and visitors are turned off as soon as they enter your site. This will cause you to lose leads and give them a negative perception of your brand.

Great Web Design Builds Trust With Visitors to Your Site

We’ve all been guilty of this… If you go to a website and the site looks “sketchy,” you immediately “X” out of that site. Why? Because it looks like it will give your device a virus! 

Just think about it… When someone comes to your site to place a large order, that means they intend to spend a sizable amount of money, and they expect to get what they pay for. A site that looks questionable is going to put a fear in them that makes them not want to shop with you for fear of getting scammed and losing their money.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time, and because of it, shoppers are a lot more cautious about where they spend their money. In fact, 88% of customers conduct research and look at customer reviews before committing to a purchase. They like to see what other people have said about a business and its products before they waste their money on it.

So do your business and customers a favor and make your website visually appealing and look trustworthy from the very beginning before establishing a reputation of being a “scammy” site. Instill trust in your visitors with good web design, plain and simple. 

This will make visitors stay on your site longer to actually look at the content you have, which then leads them to trust your site, and then make purchases… It will even cause them to become repeat customers.

Great Web Design Keeps You In the Running With Your Competitors

You were probably told when you were younger to be a leader, not a follower… You were probably asked by your parents that if “so and so” jumped off of a bridge, would you do it too? 

Well, in the world of brand growth, yes, you would do it, just to stay relevant with your competitors! Don’t jump off of a bridge, of course, but if keeping your competitors are keeping their websites up-to-date, then you want to keep your website updated as well!

That’s not saying that you have to copy the layout and design of your competitors to a tee, per se, but there’s nothing wrong with looking at competitor sites to see how the readability and navigation of their sites are in comparison to yours and make necessary changes.

Your products and services are still your own but if another company has an advantage over you, especially in web design, there is no excuse as to why your website doesn’t look or function as well as theirs. 

All in All…

Web design is a crucial part of all businesses, especially online businesses. Take the time out to invest in web design. If you don’t know how to build and design your website on your own, hire a web designer. 

Ideally, you want to hire a web designer in your local area. For instance, if you’re a business operating in the Kansas City area, here are some Kansas City web design services to build the beautiful site you need or improve your current one. Or If you operate your business in Toronto, Talk to the best toronto web designers for upgrading your business online.

The bottom line is that your business, regardless of industry, needs a skilled and qualified web designer, and investing in one will grow your business significantly.

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