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Basic Skills good web designers should have

Web design is one of the top skills you can learn presently. However, it would do you much good to understand what should be on your priority list as a web designer before plunging out to design your first website.

Principle of design

Anyone would agree that it takes understanding the basic underlying principles of any skill to become great at it. As a web designer, you need to understand how to interpret how brands want to be perceived in the clearest and most beautiful form. You also need to understand how a website as a product or service will be used and what you expect from the user interaction. All these things should inform how a good web designer should create.


Typography is one of the most important things a website designer needs to pay attention to. It’s one of the first things people notice on any website. Websites are usually made up of pictures, videos, and text for the most part. This means having a dull font on a website will turn off the website visitors. As a web designer, it is of great importance that you choose a font that properly represents a brand. Asides using the right font, the presentation of the font should be such that it aligns with the emotion the brand seeks to derive from website visitors when it comes to how the brand is experienced. Check DC is a company that’s done exceptional work in coming up with great typography for each website they’ve worked on. Expert web designers from Africa reference the company as the best in web design in Nigeria.

Software for design

Every web designer needs to be conversant with using software that enables the creation of assets for website creation. The visual representation of a website is usually done with tools like photoshop and illustrator before handing over to a web developer to create build the website. Even when you have a good concept as a designer, you need to support it with a suitable design to create a website that is of a high standard.


Having a good grasp of copywriting is an added advantage as a web designer. If you work in a big team where you have copywriters to assist you with content for a website, you may not be too pressed to sharpen your copywriting skill. However, as a freelancer or designer in a small agency, being good at copywriting will come in very handy. In cases where clients can’t quite find words to express what their brands entail, you can write great copy to accompany the website design.

Attention to detail

Websites are built to be visited by existing and potential customers of a brand. This means, your brand needs to be properly represented on your website. Inconsistencies within a website can negatively affect how a brand is perceived and this all falls back on the web designer. Your responsibility as a website designer should be to ensure that every element of your website aligns with the intended outcome at the end of the design phase.