Playing Hacks: Secrets Online Sites Don’t Want You to Know

Let’s knock the ball out the park right now, by saying this is far from a scam idea or bluff concept.

There is an achievable goal when playing in the sites of multi-million-dollar valued operators and this is to take as much from them as possible. Here we’re going to tell you of two areas of the platform which are hacks to help you to take a bite of the metaphorical cherry!

Casino Programming: Use the House Tools Against Them

The programming of any of the best USA casinos online is not actually implemented by the casinos themselves but by the software developers which make the packages for them. To help the casino use the software there is a management tool.

  • The management tool is used to track and keep a record and history of every member within the casino. Logging payments in and out, games played, last played and bonuses used and offered. This is the system on its most basic level.

This database falls under the terms and conditions and by agreeing to play at the casino.

In the small print, you accept that this data tracking will go unchallenged, but this is really no bad thing and is not an act which is not unknown by the regulators. The benefits of this work more in favor of the player than the casino.

With regards to regulations and how they come into effect; casinos online must be sure that the site is servicing players fairly and part of this is to have games which are cleared of faults and glitches.

Once a month casino will run a cleaning program on their games. Here’s how you notice…

  • Normally the placement of a game in the menu will rank its positioning based on the release date of a game. New ones at the beginning and older ones towards the end. If an older game suddenly appears to jump towards the start of the menu, this is a good indicator that the game has been ‘updated’ and the best time to play it.

Updating systems also benefits the player’s account, the management tool has to clean its cache of data for all players and this effects the gaming history. This is why this is a perfect operation…

  • There is no such thing as beginners’ luck, you will always land a big win or a bonus round on your first game because the ‘system’ has no record to effectively say ‘don’t payout yet, they need to play more’. Thusly, the more times a player’s data is cleaned the more chance you have of winning.

Steps to take to fully take advantage of this process:

  1. Only play newly released games, they have no data history of you.
  • If you land a bonus feature or ‘Big Win’, then once it is over, leave the game and play another.
  • Once you have played as many new games as you can handle, withdraw your winnings and once the cash has deposited clear your app cache and browser history. Uninstall and reinstall your casino app as a precaution and do not play for 31 days.
  • Log back in after giving the casino a month to clean its end and begin playing again, to then repeat the same process.

Game Programming: Beat the House at Their Own Game

Casino games are built with two algorithms, the most commonly used one is the RTP (Return to Player). This works in conjunction with your gaming data in the management tool. So, what does this mean in laymen terms?

  • If you have a program that pays out on a specific percentage amount, to which the player puts into the game, then your fate is predetermined. There is no luck, it’s all destined to take place based on the volume of cash you inject into the machine/game.

So, what do we do? Well, option one is to avoid all RTP games and just opt for those working on RNG algorithms (Random Number Generator). Option two is to do as previously suggested. Play, log out, clean your device, wait 31 days and start again.

Now you know exactly how the game works and now you know how to play them at their own game.