Four Reasons to Pay for Web Hosting, Even Though You Can Get It for Free

There are many different types of web hosting services to choose from. You might look for a host that can help you build your website, or you might opt for shared hosting where you share a server with other website owners. You also have the option to pay, or not to pay, for web hosting services.

You may be tempted to host your site with a free provider, but you probably shouldn’t. Here are four reasons why.

It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

Getting something for free is always better than paying for it! Although that can certainly be true, it isn’t always the case, especially if the paid option isn’t as expensive as you think.

There is a lot of competition among web hosting providers, so if you do a little digging, you can find one that fits your budget.

In addition, you can get some pretty good deals and discounts on quality service. For example, you can get a GoDaddy promo code that can help you get half off their hosting services!

There’s Better Customer Service

Web hosting isn’t as simple as it sounds. It isn’t just a way for you to ensure your site is up and running when it experiences high traffic volumes, although that’s part of it.

You might experience difficulty accessing or understanding administrative information, or you may want to replace your current site with a new design, but you don’t know how. If you choose a free provider, there will be no one to ask.

Free providers don’t make a lot of money, which means they aren’t willing to use the little money they do make hiring customer service reps. With service you pay for, you’re also paying for customer service that can prevent a lot of headaches.

There Are No Restrictions

Because the hosting service is technically free, you will likely face quite a few restrictions:

  • Limited space: You’ll likely only get 5 to 10 MB of space.
  • File restrictions: Certain files likely won’t be accepted.
  • Subdomain: You probably won’t be able to use your own domain—you’ll have to include your host’s name as well.
  • Restricted ad options: Many free service providers don’t allow you to sell advertising space on your site.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Unwanted Advertising

Just because you can’t sell ad space on your website doesn’t mean you won’t have any ads. Free web hosts will likely put advertising on your website—advertising that you don’t have any control over.

Certain ads can actually be bad for your website. Not only can bad ads drive visitors away, they can also be bad for SEO. With a paid provider, you have complete control over the ads on your site.

It may cost a little bit of money, but paying for professional web hosting services is worth every penny. It will allow you to have complete control over your website, and you can avoid many of the problems that you would experience with a free provider.


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  1. There is no doubt that with a free hosting you can’t grow in your online business. Because there is no free lunch. 🙂 Definitely as a beginner one can go for such hosting to make several experiments & learning.

  2. Free web hosting for them who do not enough money to pay for for the web hosting. But if you want build a profession site that can earn some money for you then the free web hosting actually doesn’t work for them. Thanks for the valuable information

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