What Features Should Your Web Hosting Provider Offer in 2020?

With the holiday season fast approaching, a variety of brands and businesses are looking for new, reliable hosting services for a reasonable price.

Whether to host blog content, offer products or build awareness, today’s array of web hosting solutions is vast – but how can anybody choose between so many options?

Not all providers are equal, and some include more robust features that are both technically and aesthetically convenient. The price isn’t all that should affect your purchasing decision: the number of industry-standard options should be a huge concern as well.

Here are a few incredibly useful and important features & options your next web hosting service should offer in 2020 and beyond.


Easily one of the most important standards found in web hosting services today, cPanel is arguably the most convenient user control panel for managing hosting services. Through cPanel, users can do everything from creating new FTP and email accounts to managing plug-ins and pages.

What makes cPanel so popular is its ease of use and ample tutorials available online.

It’s quite easy to find hosting services with cPanel, so many options you’ll consider will have this control panel. If you act soon, you can find excellent cPanel Hosting 30% off its normal price.


While basic hosting solutions for simple file storage and the like may not require ample security, you want as much security as possible for your website.

As such, it is practically required that you select a hosting solution with SSL included. Thankfully, the vast majority of services do provide this – but it’s important to verify (especially if you’re considering a lower-cost option).

SSL is a basic feature that allows for secure data transmission. Without this service, it can be quite difficult to establish a successful e-commerce operation for example.

By verifying the authenticity of the two parties and encrypting data, SSL gives your users peace of mind. To learn more about how SSL works, click here.

Database Versatility

Virtually any website that wishes to grow or utilize many modern features needs database functionality. Hosting providers may or may not provide this functionality – or may limit the functionality – depending on the price.

Generally, securing as much database functionality as possible is recommended.

There are a variety of available database management systems, with the most popular being MySQL. Other options include SQL Server and Oracle. While most database management systems will work with most applications, there are some exceptions.

As such, consider what exactly you plan to do with your hosting and verify which database systems are compatible with it.

1-Click Installs

Once a rare feature, web hosting providers are increasingly offering one-click installs as a prime feature with their services. This feature allows webmasters to quickly install new websites, plug-ins and other vital services.

Whether it be a content management system like WordPress or Joomla, or an e-commerce platform like WooCommerce, this can be incredibly useful for saving time and energy.

Most providers that offer 1-click installs have dozens of commonly used applications configured, so evaluate which providers offer what and make your choice carefully.

There are so many features that can be important to websites, but these four are some of the most basic requirements anybody will want when starting a new online endeavor in 2020.

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