Why Websites Are Still Important in 2019

You might have heard the rumor that you don’t need a website anymore because social media is all that matters but this is not something which you should take as gospel.

When it comes to businesses, people might check your social feeds, but they are also likely to search for you on Google and if nothing comes up then they might go somewhere else.

Here, we are going to look at some of the reasons why websites are still important in 2019. Keep reading to find out more.

Making Secure Payments

When you make a payment online, you want to make sure that your details are not going to be passed on to someone else. Many customers are aware of the need for additional security and they are looking out for SSL certificates before they pay.

If you don’t have a website that they can use, then they aren’t going to make payments to use your service or buy a product. This online casino is a good example of a secure site that is aesthetically pleasing and is ticking all of the boxes when it comes to websites.


When your potential customers search for you online, they expect to see some kind of presence that they can use to make a judgment call on whether to use you or not.

They want to believe that you are trustworthy but if you don’t have a website then they might pass you up for someone else. Consider how a website can make your business look more legitimate and encourage people to convert.

Showing Off Your Business

One of the great things about having a website is that you can use it to show off your business. You control what happens on your website so you can have glowing reviews, great images and have everything laid out clearly for your customers.

On social media, anyone can write a review and ruin your reputation. Your website is your chance to show customers what you offer and let them make their own decision.


The final reason that having a website is still important in 2019 is that you can provide round the clock access. If you are a local business and are closed on certain days, then your customers might go somewhere else to make an inquiry when they might have chosen you.

With a website, you can make yourself accessible and allow people to inquire when they want to. They can browse your website when you aren’t around to answer calls, and this will improve your business.


If you don’t already have a website for your business, then you could be seriously missing out. Make sure to build a website that shows off your business and builds your trustworthiness.

This will make all of the difference and hopefully increase the number of conversions or sales that you get. Don’t just rely on social media, try building a website and you won’t ever look back.

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