Why your Mobile WordPress Site Needs to Be Lightning-Fast

It’s no secret that mobile traffic is increasing year on year, and with every business needing an online presence, the number of websites continues to grow.

With mobile web users growing so quickly, the focus has been on ensuring your website is responsive and works on any mobile device. What’s also important though is that your website is fast for those mobile users. There are several reasons for this.

The Desire for Instant Gratification

According to WP Engine, visitor patience is on the decline. Back in 1999, a typical user would wait for up to 8 seconds for a web page to load, but in recent years this expectation has dropped to as low as 2 seconds.

Simply put, if your mobile WordPress page does not load up within 2 seconds, then users are likely to find another that does.

Fortunately, your WordPress Hosting provider can usually help with this by providing you with speed optimization tools and dedicated hosting packages.

Research shows that a 1 second delay is found to result in 11% fewer page views, 7% lower conversion, and 15% less customer satisfaction. These are big numbers not to be ignored.

Instant Gratification research also shows that if you run an online store, the numbers are even more noteworthy. A 2-second delay in an online store’s transaction time will result in an 87% abandonment rate.

Furthermore, almost half of online shoppers say that the reason for a 70% shopping cart abandonment rate is due to site slowness.

With there being so many tools and plugins available for WordPress, it’s straightforward to solve these problems, thus improving revenue and customer interaction with your store.

Not everyone has a fast connection

You will probably find an increase in site visitors over the years from less economically developed countries with slower connectivity options. Google Analytics is a great tool to measure this information.

Those in business are traveling and sometimes on slower roaming networks, and many mobile users are on mobile data-caps, limiting how much bandwidth they can use.

All of these points are good reasons why you need to consider your WordPress site speed as an essential factor.

If your site doesn’t load up quickly on a slow connection, you will lose those visitors, which will result in fewer page hits and ultimately lower revenue.

Data is also still expensive for some mobile users, especially for those on pay-as-you-go billing.

Moreover, if your site hosts large images and takes forever to load, not only have you cost the user a small fortune, but you are not going to get them to revisit based on the site speed & negative experience. 

Be sure to run your site against popular site speed checkers and optimize as much as possible!

Mobile devices are slower than desktops

Mobile devices are getting faster every year, but they are still slower than the traditional desktop. If your website is full of inefficient rendering and application code, then a mobile user is going to find it runs slower on their mobile than their desktop.

Nowadays, mobile users expect the same experience on a mobile as a desktop.

This doesn’t just include page speed loads but also downloads. If your site offers downloadable content, then it needs to be easily and quickly downloadable to the mobile device.

The use of Content Delivery Networks has helped with this over the years, and some will optimize things like videos for faster downloading specifically to mobile devices.

If you don’t, the competition will

Finally, the biggest reason as to why your WordPress site needs to be fast is that if you don’t optimize your website, your competition will take your visitors.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s too easy for a visitor to run another search and select another site to go to. It’s also effortless to identify speed bottlenecks on your mobile WordPress website, thanks to Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

If we look at some data from the most significant web search businesses, we find that Google loses 20% of their traffic for every 100 milliseconds that a page takes to load, that’s insane.

In contract, Yahoo takes a 9% increase in revenue for every 400 milliseconds of improved page speed.

Summing up

Taking everything into account, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your mobile WordPress site it running at lightning speeds!

Be sure to address:

  • Customer expectations
  • Slow connections
  • Slower devices
  • Your competitions site speeds

Fast mobile sites are a user expectation and right on the top of the list of your competition to address. In fact they will be continuously monitoring it.

Stay ahead of the curve and analyze your site for its speed index, specifically for mobile users and make the necessary adjustments. Fortunately, WordPress has many optimization plugs to choose from to help you along the way.