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How to Go to Bed Feeling Happy and Fulfilled

With the distractions we have around us at all times, it’s easy to spend almost every minute of every waking hour numb to reality. All you have to do is pull out your phone and find a game, movie, or website to distract you from what’s happening in your life.
But at the end of every day, there’s a brief moment where you’re forced to come face to face with reality. In these few minutes between when your head hits the pillow and you doze off to sleep, do you feel happy and fulfilled?
8 Tips for a Happy and Fulfilled Day
There’s nothing quite like going to sleep feeling fulfilled. It has very little to do with wealth and prosperity and everything to do with how you view the world and your place in it. If you’re having trouble feeling satisfied when you lay down at night, you may find the following tips helpful:
1. Practice Better Time Management
If you talk to someone at the end of a long day and they feel like a failure, there’s almost always some form of regret. One particularly common regret is a lack of good time management. They feel like they were lazy, useless, and ineffective.
If you want to feel more satisfied at the end of the day, integrate some of these time management tips into your daily routine. They’ll help you make better use of each hour in the day, whether you’re at work or home.
2. Balance Alone Time and Social Interaction
Most people place themselves on one end of the introversion-extroversion spectrum. And while it’s true that the majority of people lean one way or the other, we often overestimate how far we are in one direction. This leads introverted people to spend as much time as possible alone, while extroverted people feel compelled to constantly be in social situations.
No matter which extreme you think you land on, you need to balance alone time and social interaction. You need a healthy dose of both and will feel more satisfied when you make time for each.
3. Watch Less TV
With very few exceptions, watching TV is one of those things that rarely offers any benefits to your life. In most cases, it leads to wasted time and increased anxiety. If you want to declutter your mind and remove negativity from your life – we’re looking at you, cable news watchers – pull the plug and read a book.
4. Spend Less Time on Social Media
In a world that’s dominated by social media, the reality is that platforms like Facebook and Instagram may do more harm to your psyche than good. Social media creates a constant sense of urgency and anxiety, as well as the fear of missing out – often dubbed FOMO. If you want to lower feelings of inadequacy and fear, consider spending less time on social media. Those who quit cold turkey discover that it makes them happier.
5. Make a List of Minor Accomplishments
If you’re someone who has a tendency to view things in a pessimistic manner, it’s easy to go to bed at night and only remember the failures of the day. That’s just the way your brain thinks. In order to circumvent this penchant for negativity, make a habit out of listing off minor accomplishments on a notepad by your bed.
Minor accomplishments could be anything from working out at the gym to closing a big sale at work. The practice of physically putting these “wins” on paper will change the way you view your day.
6. Have Sex
According to a research study conducted at CQ University in Australia, 64 percent of survey respondents find that sex prior to lights out helps them sleep better.
While this is far from a conclusive study, there’s certainly scientific fact to back it up. As Julia Naftulin writes for, “[Sex] also has a chemical effect on your body that helps bring you to the land of nod. After orgasm, your body releases certain hormones that bathe your brain in feelings of safety and tranquility.”
In other words, a little action between the sheets is guaranteed to make you feel more at ease. Not bad, right?
7. Do Something Creative
If you feel like you’ve had a rather monotonous day with little excitement, it can help to do something creative prior to bed. Whether it’s painting, drawing, writing, building something, or doing a puzzle, a little exercise in creativity will get your juices flowing and make you feel unique and productive. It’ll also remind you that there’s always something to live for.
8. Say a Prayer
If you’re a religious person, you might find it helpful to say a prayer or engage in meditation prior to falling asleep. This will give you a chance to calm your mind, collect your thoughts, and focus on a higher power. If nothing else, it reminds you there’s more to life than physical circumstances.
Go Easy on Yourself
It’s also important that you don’t place too many expectations on yourself. While it’s good to have goals for each day, it’s far too easy to let a lack of goal-meeting leave you feeling discouraged. Go easy on yourself and leave room for error. No matter how good or bad a single day is, you always have the opportunity to redeem yourself the following day.