5 Tips on Writing a Dissertation

The main struggle with any dissertation is the ability to beat procrastination and finally start doing it. Don’t you have the same feeling of not being able to write even a word because of realizing how much work you have to complete? Only the idea of writing a dissertation is already scary enough. Planning, researching, formatting, writing, structuring, proofreading, editing – all of this scare any student no matter how high or low grades she/he has.

But writing a dissertation shouldn’t be perceived as a torture. Look at it from a different angle. First of all, you are not alone in it. Your classmates and other students who have studied in this university before and who will be there later, all of them are going to overcome the period of dealing with a dissertation as well. Secondly, you have plenty of choices on how to handle this period faster and easier. Don’t you believe it? Look, you can either apply to a professional Custom Writings service for a professional assistance, or you can gather the best dissertation writing recommendations and do it easily by yourself. The choice is up to you.

What we can offer is a list of those must-read recommendations to make your writing process less stressful and more effective.

Dissertation Writing Tips: Top 5

The following recommendations are going to change the way you look at your dissertation paper and provide you with the action plan to follow in order to finish it faster. The only thing you are required of is to do the best job you possibly can do while using those recommendations in practice while writing your own paper.

First of all, don’t look for the reasons to keep putting off your dissertation without doing anything. Don’t look for the reasons to explain why now is not the right time to use the recommendations, mentioned below as well. Don’t say that you’ll do it next week. Read the article and map out at least what you’re required to do in your work and how you’re going to implement these tips in practice. This will be the first step. It is not that difficult or time-consuming, isn’t it? You’ll have to start writing your dissertation anyway. So, why wouldn’t you do it right now?

The following tips are going to master your skills of writing your college assignments better in general, not only this dissertation.

Writing a Dissertation Faster, Better, and Smarter

So, here’s what you have to know about composing a dissertation in a more effective way.


  • Change the approach to your dissertation. Don’t think about it as a huge piece of work, which has to be completed in one go. That’s not how it happens. Focus on what you’re writing or researching at the moment rather than the end result. If you have to research first, do it. But do not research, write, and think how you will present it in a concluding part simultaneously. Divide your dissertation into several separate parts. One step at a time;


  • Develop a habit of writing every day. Create a plan of how much time you can spend on your dissertation daily. It is very important to move forward continuously, even if you devote only 20-30 minutes to writing each day. Be consistent with your work;
  • Give yourself a reward. A reward will be a trigger for you to work better and faster. It can be anything that makes you happy – pizza for dinner, an extra serving of ice-cream, watching your favorite movie, playing online games, etc. Find a perfect trigger for writing your dissertation on a daily basis;
  • Focus on writing as much as possible. Don’t let anything like Facebook, Instagram, computer games, and other similar things distract you from studying. If you decide you’re going to write during the next 35 minutes, do it without any break. Of course, if you work longer than that, you can take short breaks of 10-15 minutes. Then, go back to writing again;
  • Have a clean working environment. Having your workspace set up for writing a task is very important. Prepare everything in advance – from the desk where you’re going to write to the materials you might need during the process. Turn off any unnecessary notifications on your computer and smartphone, so they won’t distract you. Never write your dissertation while having a dinner or watching your favorite TV-show. That’s a waste of time, as you won’t be productive at all.



So, if you want to achieve your best result, start writing your dissertation immediately. Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. It is clearly a better solution than trying to finish a dissertation one night before the deadline. And don’t forget the recommendations we were talking about. Thus, your dissertation will be much better, and you will apply less effort than usual.