Press Release Writing Tips to Gain Inclusion to Authority Sites

When you are launching your brand, business, or product then you will definitely want to write a number of press releases to let the media exposure hopefully get picked up by major authority websites and send traffic to your site. The hope is that shortly after the release goes out that the numbers flock and the traffic spikes.

It seems simple. Write a Press Release and go to a Press Release Service and get it included. In fact they all talk about how wonderful it is going to be when you send your press release.

Press Release Writing – The Important Tips to Get The Results You Wanted

These press release writing tips hold true in a lot of other writing instances. Like when you are needing sales copy for your product. Regardless of whether you are working with your creative team, hiring a group of writers, or writing it yourself you will need to make sure that you follow these tips and tactics to make sure that you gain the greatest benefits from your Press Release and Copy Writing.

Only You Know Your Business

This is one that we all forget from time to time especially when we are tired and being a bit lazy. It is easy to hire out the press release writing to anyone. You can go to Fiverr and realize real fast that for about the price of 3 cups of Joe from Starbucks you can get your press release written and distributed. What good will it do? Dunno but you could check it off your task list.

I think we all know when we are writing a press release you will need to “craft” the perfect message about your business and only you know your business intricately enough to craft that message.

You want to get results with your press release.


How to write a press-release? There are professional press release writing tips from AcademicHelp.net.


Tips on Writing A press Release
Tips on Writing A press Release

Headlines, Headlines, and Headlines

I almost feel like I could stop there. A compelling, catchy, witty, controversial, or just plain strong headline will gain the interest of various journalist that are seeking stories. Realize that newsworthy ranges all over the place when you are talking journalist. Timing, Headlines, and current subjects on their plate are all factors whether each journalist pick up the story. This is why often it is a good idea to think of your Press Releases to be like a drip ad campaign.

Press Release Writing Tip Extra – Start Now: Write 3 Great Headlines and then 3 Alternatives to those.

Press Release Writing Tip Extra – Next Level Tip: Run a Google AdWords Campaign with the titles and choose the one that gets the most clicks.

Remember One Thing While You Are Writing That Great Press Release

No one and I mean not a soul on this planet gives a crap about your message.

“I always imagine that the idea I’m pitching is the least attractive for an obscure organization on a topic that nobody wants to hear,” Long says.

It’s a good mental exercise. It forces you to strive to find an interesting angle. Long used to ghost-write, he says, and most clients were way more interested in themselves than everybody else could ever be. The same is true for your news release.

Face it: Journalists aren’t nearly as impressed in your new hair gel/toboggan wax as your bosses are. They seldom are moved to tears by the golden phrases that trip from your tongue. Just tell them what your product, event, or service has to offer the reader.  - PR Daily

Press releases: Create a killer pitch that gets the media’s attention every time

So this means that you story needs to be newsworthy. It has to be something worth sharing on a large level.

Grab Attention Early in your Release

Your readers will probably only check the first line or maybe two so get to the point quickly. There is no need in long story versions. Get to the point and tell what you have to tell.

Tips on Writing A press Release
Craft the perfect press release

Pitch the Whole Idea

You will get a lot more syndication when you use the idea you want to promote in a larger taking. Example: Top Dishes in New York this Fall include: Name all the dishes and restaurants and include yours as one of the dishes.

Don’t just pound and pound about your one business as they do not normally want to do a feature on a company without an in depth video.

Don’t forget to Add Sources

At the bottom of the Press Release make sure you write END in bold and then include the for more information contact.

The other sources are different. If you have some major news picked up in the past include those. If you have votes of confidence from distinguished people or business then make sure and add that. Anything that you can do to prove in some quick notes that you have a reputable business it will help.

Think of the journalist in that instance. They now know that your press release is not just full of crap and they will later get in trouble by having published or expanded on it.


The job of the contacts in the press release are to be in a position to enhance and help the media.

The role of your press release is to position the subject for the media.

Position the content so that the end reader wants more. Provide very pointed links to pages on your website, reviews, and other information that will continue the read.

Wet their appetite with the story, get them salivating with the page, and then close them with the call to action.  ~ Will Robins – Feedster Executive Editor

Minor Tips About Writing Your Press Release:

  • Write in third person; don’t say “I” or “we” unless you’re using it in a direct quote.
  • Write with a readers mindset. Why would they care? What is that benefit? Then Edit…
  • Be Brief. 600 words top. Aim for 1 Page.
  • Attention for 2 lines. Get to your point in the first sentences.
  • Sales Pitches are for later on. This is just informational and Factual.
  • Your opinions are not for the press. Keep your opinion sidelined.
  • Write for general news and leave out industry jargon.
  • Proofread! Then Edit and Proofread. Nothing worse than a bad spelling keeping you out of the limelight.