The Longest Contributing Forbes Finance Columnists

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of American and global business, Forbes magazine should be your first stop. In the century that Forbes has been in print, it has become the premier publication for top leaders in business and finance to share their trade secrets and insights. Getting published once in Forbes is an honor; publishing multiple times, over numerous years, is a mark of distinguished expertise. In this post, we’ll highlight the top four finance columnists who have shared over a century of combined wisdom with Forbes readers. 

#4 – Lucien Hooper (29 Years)

Hooper started in the securities industry in 1922 and worked his way up Wall Street. In 1949, he started writing commentaries on stocks and the market and was a fixture of Forbes until January of 1979 when he retired. He passed away in 1988 after building a legacy of presenting complex financial theories in conversational ways. Even though the market has changed a lot since he was alive, many of his lessons are still invaluable today. 

#3 – David Dreman (30 Years)

Dreman is an investor and author from Canada who was a pioneer in the field of contrarian investment strategies and behavioral finance. His research and passion lie in showing that stocks that were out of favor do better than stocks that are supposed to have more favorable outlooks. For 30 years, he regularly published a column entitled “The Contrarian” that shared his unique way of looking at the market and evaluating companies. 

#2 – Heinz Biel (32 Years)

Biel was born in Germany in 1908, earned a Ph.D. in economics, and started working on Wall Street in 1933. He was an author for Forbes beginning in 1950 and continued writing until 1982. Biel’s biggest contribution was his focus on understanding global financing and seeing beyond small stocks. Throughout his time with Forbes, he wrote 726 articles as a severe critic of corporate takeovers and continually gave great insight into investments and global economics. 

#1 – Ken Fisher (32.5 Years)

With 32.5 years, Ken Fisher is the longest-running contributor to Forbes. From 1984 to the end of 2016, Fisher’s “Portfolio Strategy” column has been a mainstay in the modern investment market. He is the founder, executive chairman, and co-chief investment officer of Fisher Investments. He appeared on Investment Advisor’s list of 30 most influential people because of his extensive use of direct marketing and strict separation between teams that sell services and those who provide service to clients. He is the author of eleven books, six of which are national bestsellers. 
With industry professionals like this writing for Forbes, it’s obvious why it has become the standard for financial news. Visit Forbes to find out more about the financial investment industry.

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