How To Improve Your YouTube Keyword Research

There’s a whole lot more to carrying out your YouTube keyword research than merely selecting terms that you feel are applicable to your channel or video. Instead, it has been shown that better keyword research does indeed correlate to more views, and why else are you uploading a video to YouTube apart from to get views?

This then begs the question as to how you can improve on this area, and that is what I am here to help you with. In all honesty, this is no different to keyword research for your website or anything else online. If you have done this kind of thing before elsewhere, then what follows should not pose any problems.

Use YouTube Auto-Complete

YouTube is good in that it wants to help with your SEO. After all, the more views you get then the more money they make as well, so it’s in their best interests to help.

Due to this, they have the YouTube Auto-Complete tool, and I would recommend using this every single time you either upload a video or are creating your own channel. You don’t even require that much knowledge of SEO as YouTube basically does everything for you.

With this, YouTube offers you examples and ideas of search phrases that others have already used on the site that links in to the keywords you have already entered. It’s common to discover ideas that you would have never even contemplated before when you use this tool.

The other cool thing about this tool is that it does give you ideas for other videos due to the suggestions that pop up. Make a note of them since you will have the chance to go back and create videos along those lines in the future.

Study Your Competitors

With SEO, the aim is to surpass what your competitors are doing. The best way of doing this is by knowing how well they are performing. This is something that you can also do on YouTube. But then, you do need a couple of tools to make the entire process a whole lot easier.

My recommendation when it comes to these tools are Tags For YouTube and TubeBuddy. The cool thing about these tools is the way in which you can search for tag ideas from your browser. If you then add in the free version of vidIQ. This allows you to follow three competitors and get a better understanding of their keyword usage.

The idea here is to work your way into a position where you can formulate a plan according to your competitors. Remember that video is a powerful media source. You want people to check out your video rather than anything else. If the best way to do this is by studying your competitors, then go for it.

Take The Best Tags From The Best Videos

If a video in your particular niche or category is doing well, especially if it’s for a Toronto family lawyer, then there’s no harm in checking out the tags they use to draw in the views. This leads to the theory that if it’s good enough for them, then why can you not also adopt it into your strategy?

To help with this, you may want to use the TubeBuddy tool I mentioned in the previous point. This makes it easier to identify the tags that are used which then allows you to incorporate them into your own videos.

Even though this will help, don’t overdo it with the number of tags. You should never swamp your video with too many keywords.

Consider Using Free Tools

I accept that not everyone is willing to spend money on tools to help them. This is fine as there are also a number of free tools available. If I’m honest, they do a good enough job for most. Also, it will provide you with a clearer picture of what people are searching for on YouTube.

One tool that can offer keyword suggestions is Kparser. They do also provide information on the volume of searches, but you need a premium version to unlock this.

Another option is the straightforward Keyword Tool. This is cool as it does allow you to focus on YouTube alone so you can eliminate any distractions.

Turn To Your Analytics

Finally, I want you to pay close attention to your own analytics for your YouTube channel. Most people check them out due to the analytics telling you how well your videos are performing along with subscribers, but there’s more to it than that.

Instead, look more closely at how people are finding your videos. Scroll through the data and you may get a shock at how people get to your channel. Do this with each video and you will then build a better picture of phrases or keywords that are working without you even being aware of it.

Getting a better understanding of your YouTube keywords is easier than you think. All it takes is some practice on your part and a willingness to take some time studying it all for it to make a difference.

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