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Cloud Computing 101

For business owners, the cloud offers numerous possibilities and opportunities, so it is worth looking into if you haven’t already. But what is the “cloud?” And how do you know if it’s the right decision for you? Well, let’s get acquainted with cloud computing so you can understand the benefits for your business.  What Is […]

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Keep It Simple: How To Rotate PDF Pages and Save Changes Through PDFBear

Acquiring PDF software, launching a website, and utilizing resources are crucial for digital users on a daily basis, specifically handling a massive pile of PDFs. PDF tools allow portable documents to be modified, accessed, converted, and combined. If you use the right tools to help you, you can gradually remove and rotate PDF pages according […]

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Why You Need to Track Shopping Cart Abandonment Regularly

Email marketers who segment their audience will see around a 700% increase in revenue.  It shows the value of segmentation and why it’s useful in marketing and in your business. Segmentation is especially helpful when it comes to reaching part of your email who haven’t purchased anything yet.  You want to segment your email list […]

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MICA Freeform VS. SLM Manufacturing

MICA Freeform is a manufacturing process that’s used by Microfabrica Inc. to help create precise, sturdy 3D printing. This process can be beneficial to those companies who rely on miniaturization when it comes to medical devices, semiconductor prototypes, etc. SLM stands for selective laser melting and improves the mechanical properties melted into the desired shape. […]


5 Niche Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Startup Potential

Establishing a marketing strategy is absolutely essential to establishing your brand in the hearts and minds of your industry and potential customers. Learning from other industries and campaigns can serve as a jumping-off point for boosting your startup’s potential to earn extra money. Let’s look at a few marketing strategies you can use to establish […]

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What is SaaS and How to Use it for Your Startup

Just because you are starting your journey with limited resources doesn’t mean you have to hitchhike. SaaS is low-cost aviation in the field of software – with business class comfort though. It provides companies of any size with cheap and highly efficient cloud solutions which make business processes smarter and smoother. Software as a Service […]

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